Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday Walk

So much to catch up on… Let’s see, Baby B has a tooth as of April 8th (much to the detriment of his nursing mother… he’s a biter!), he also started sitting up all by himself a couple days later, and at his appointment at exactly 5 months old he weighed 18 pounds 11.5 oz.  The kid is HUGE! 

Anthony ran the Salt Lake Marathon with his sister at which they remembered the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing last week.  This was the first big city marathon in the U.S. since all that happened.  Anthony said the security was CRAZY!  Bomb sniffing dogs at the Trax drop off, helicopters flying overhead, and more than usual police officers on hand at every turn.  He said it was pretty neat but a little eerie.  {What a weird word… eerie.  No?  Just looks so wrong.}

Meanwhile, I was unable to be at the finish line due to a conflict with K.  She had a clogging competition she was doing.  It wasn’t required as she is not yet on a team but she wanted to give it a go.  I worried about Anthony not making it to see her perform her two solos but he made it!  He ran the marathon quicker than he’s ever run that particular one.  And he did it in the rain!   

Miss K got a 1st place on her first solo and a 2nd place on her second one.  Not bad considering she learned it in a week and messed up quite noticeably on one part.  We were just proud of her for trying!  I love that she’s so willing to try new things and it hardly seems to phase her at all.  No apparent nervousness or anything. 

And thank goodness for Spring!!  We have missed our traditional Sunday walks.  This past winter just seemed to drag on forever so when the opportunity to get outside presented itself, we jumped on it.  Thank you, sunshine!

But before we could go on a walk, we had to do the whole church thing.  I wasn’t so sure that I was going to make it since my mastitis decided to flare up again Saturday night.  That and the fact that a couple of the kids were starting to get coughs and sore throats.  But we woke up feeling much better.  A good night’s sleep can do wonders! 

Poor Anthony had a rough morning.  No, not the sore muscles from running.  More like a major brain fart! 

He got up at 6:30 and got ready for his High Council meeting…. the one they had changed to NEXT week.

Also, he was supposed to speak in another ward in our stake.  He decided to go a little early.  Got to the church about 40 minutes early and decided to go into a quiet room to go over his talk.  The ward started at 9:00 am.  At 8:55 he walked into the chapel to go take his seat on the stand when he realized there was already a High Councilman there. 


I laugh, because it’s seriously funny.  Made it to the RIGHT building with 2 minutes to spare.  The bishopric couldn’t have been more delighted to see him.  And his poor speaking partner was beginning to think he was going to have to take up the whole meeting. 

I’m still laughing about it.  Poor Mr. Head!  {Yes, that’s what I call him.  Always have… and no, I don’t know why.  I also call him Afony Jameson.  Jameson is NOT our last name.  I’m just awesome.  That’s all I have to say about that…}

Here are some pics from Sunday.

C and Baby B

H and Baby B

Mom and boys

Sitting up all by himself.  H’s hand really doesn’t need to be supporting him but she thought it necessary to be there just in case. 



Oh how I love chubby baby hands and feet!! 

Chubby hands and feet

But now let’s talk about walking.  On Sundays.  I love Sunday walks!  I welcome them back to my life.  At least until next winter.

The destination:  Duck feeding area. 

Mode of transportation for B:  tricycle… 


…until he realized that was far too slow.  Then he was off and running.


C, however, made it all the way on his training wheels.  And yes, normally we make him sport a helmet.  Not sure how he got away with not wearing it.  Parents of the year right here!  ;)

training wheels

Look how cute they are.  Yeah, this position lasted about half a second.  Then the boys realized they had been sitting still for a fourth of a second too long. 

the boys

The ducks were boring.  None of them wanted the bread.  The kids enjoyed ‘nature’ on the way home.  Even dandelions. 


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Kendra said...

I totally just wrote about Sunday walks on my blog....great minds must think alike!! Oh and good job to your daughter getting 1st and 2nd. I clogged for 10 years and Solos were the scariest thing for me to get over!