Sunday, June 9, 2013

Baby J. Co–Playmat Review

Look at my sweet little guy.

playmat 2

Notice the beautiful blanket he’s sitting on. 

playmat 3

Actually it’s not a blanket… it’s a playmat.  Made and designed by Baby J Co

I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to review this product for my baby.  He is six months old now but still not mobile.  He’s a lump.  You set him down and he stays there…. like a good little boy.  :)

I don’t know about you but I never pack more than one blanket with me.  And especially during the hot months, I forget altogether sometimes.  That’s always a bummer because then I have nothing to cover myself with when I nurse.  Not a good situation.  I’m not a very discreet nurser despite all the practice I’ve had.  ;)  Plus I have nowhere to set the baby down when we are away from home.  And I don’t like using the same blanket to nurse with that I use on the ground at various places. 

Well, now I don’t have to.  This playmat stays in my bag at all times so I can pull it out when I need somewhere to set the baby down to play with his toys.  I always know which side goes down, too.  My little Munch likes to try and grab the textured dots. 

playmat 4

Don’t you love the texture?  I love it!!  Check out all the chic and beautiful fabrics there are to choose from. 

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Cari said...

I love the fabric, super cute!