Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Catch Up Post

K and A had a dance recital at the end of May.  They both did great! 

Annie Dance 1

Annie Dance 2

And in order to get her hair looking Annie-ish A had to wear her hair like so… (She hated it!)

Hair 1

Hair 2

K in her clogging performance.

Johnny Cash

And her ballet dance.

Moon River

K was thrilled to start a new dancing adventure… on POINTE SHOES!  Classes started this summer and she couldn’t be happier about it.

Pointe Shoes 1

This was a quick pic taken right before she was leaving for a Super Hero party. 

Pointe Shoes 2

… THIS Super Hero Party to be exact.  They all left as ordinary people leading ordinary lives but they came back all hero-ed up!

Super Hero Party

My little Sasser turned 8 in June. 


Eight 1

She had a fun little party with some friends.

Eight 2

Eight 3

She also got baptized just this past Saturday.  Her sisters gave the opening and closing prayers, Grandma H. gave a great talk on Baptism, and Aunt Wendi gave another great talk on the Holy Ghost. 


The three of us on her baptism day.  Probably can’t tell but I’m sporting braces these days.  I hate them… the end!

Baptism 2

The girls outside our church on the 4th of July.  Our ward has a breakfast every year.  This year, A got to sing the National Anthem and she did great! 

4th of July 1

4th of July 2

4th of July 4

C is throwing a fit in this one.  I couldn’t get the boys to stand with the girls for a pic. 

4th of July 3

This was back in April (or May?)… Anthony and his sister did a triathlon.  Yeah, it pretty much kicked their butts!  ;)  Neither of them were very confident with the swimming portion.


And then they ran the Ragnar with our good friend, Kevin just a couple weeks later. 


The one in the middle is Kevin and Tiffany’s son.  All three of them are being The Hulk… hence, no shirts.


And this little guy is growing up way too fast! 

Baby 1

Baby 2

Baby 3

Baby 4

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