Thursday, February 5, 2009

There's a day for THAT?

Probably a lot of us realize that February is Black History Month. If not, where have you been? Well, it's actually a lot easier to tell that it's February in the South. It's a huge thing in the South. While my family was living in South Carolina for a couple of years we always knew it was February! It was promoted on TV, there were lots of commercials and there were calenders being passed out at many major stores.

But besides being Black History Month, did you know that February is also National Sweet Potato Month, or Spunky Old Broads Month. I'm with ya! I had no clue such a month existed!

In addition, did you know that next week is National Jell-O week or that the 11th-17th is Random Acts of Kindness week? Who knew?

Do you know what tomorrow is? It's National Bubble Gum Day. Chew away my friends, and blow lots of big bubbles. Don't feel like going to work on Valentines Day cuz you're depressed and single? Call in single! It's not only Valentine's Day, it's also National Call In Single Day. Kind of interesting eh?

You may be asking yourself why I know this. Here's the link. Just click on the month you want to check out and there are TONS of interesting holidays to discover. My family is going to try and celebrate at least 2 per month. It will be fun to see the kids discover new things. Let me know if you try any of them and tell us what you did to celebrate!


Kortney said...

LOL this means I can splurge on myself and buy some bubble gum tomorrow! HAHA

And and Valentines is on a Saturday this month, I think!

A Bunch of Roaches said...

April is autism awareness month, so we can all think about my cutie pies in April.