Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Real Life

Ever notice that everyone else's life seems more spectacular, fun and exciting than yours in reading other peoples blogs? I've come to the realization that people don't do "real life" posts. We all talk about our latest and greatest vacations, fun times, funny things kids do and say, our wonderful husbands, or our favorite things. What about real life?

The reality is, their lives aren't better than ours. We just get to read about the fabulous parts of each others lives. Well darnit! I'm ready for some "real life" posts. Don't get me wrong, I still love the amazing adventures and such but what about the dishes that aren't done, the bathroom that needs cleaning, the kids that watch too much TV because mom just needs a half hour to herself.

Well, here it is! My first "real life" post. It's close to 1:30 in the morning and I'm blogging. Why so late? (or early?) Because this is the first minute I've had for myself today. Someone's either been puking because she's obviously sick, peeing her pants because she was too busy playing to take a time out to use a toilet, screaming because he's hungry but won't hold the bottle himself, or pestering me about how bored they are because apparently we don't have nearly enough toys or crayons and coloring books. And yet, I think I could fill a small U-haul with just toys.

I did manage to get the dishes done tonight. That's a huge plus. The bathroom I mentioned; definitely needs a cleaning after all it's been through today. My poor husband just got through being sick, or so we thought. It's back tonight for a second round. Luckily, I haven't had it yet but have definitely played the role of clean-up maid very well the past couple weeks.

Dinner was very late tonight. I think we finally ate our sloppy joes around 9:00. I still haven't wiped the cupboards off. The floor is swept but could certainly use a good mopping. Unfortunately, my dogs decided they would use the mop as a chew toy and I now need a new one.

All day I've been stressing and obsessing over the fact that my gums are receding and I don't know what to do about it. I don't brush aggressively at all and yet, they're receding. I've researched treatment options and don't like what I've found. Seriously, this is what I've stressed about all day long. I'm a worrier to the max, I can't help it. I had no problem finding my way to that line in heaven. My husband thinks it's silly that I'm obsessing over my gums but hey, when you're told they're receding and then in the past couple weeks I've literally watched one do it before my very eyes (and it's right in the front), I can do no less than stress and obsess over it. It's just my nature! If you see me, don't look for it, ok? I'm self concious about it now. And what gets me the most is that my husband brushes pretty aggressively and he prefers the medium bristles and his gums are fine. What's up with that? Did I stand in the "bad gum line"? Oh the drama in my mind.

I was very irritated with my kids today. It's just been one of those days. You know the ones, right? The days that when any of them want to tattle on another or come whining to you for something you just want to cover your ears and close your eyes and yell, "Lalalalalalalala! I can't hear you!!" And it's not their fault, it's just been one of those days. I'm entitled to have those once in a while! Don't worry, I don't say that to my kids. Sometimes I want to but would never do that. Tomorrow will be a less stressed day. I just know it!

This is my "real life" post. Now, go post your own real life post and let me know about it. Leave me a comment letting me know you did, I want to read all about your "real life"! A day in the life of.......YOU! Go on!


Palfreyman said...

OH Brooke you crack me up!!! Can I please come hang out with you so you can just make me laugh. I think I just might write about my real life, but wait people might think their in some kind of weird soap opera(without all the love scenes and crap) just kidding. But seriously when I get done with my homework I will make a day in life of the palfreymans post.
P.S. We so need to get together sometime, I have like no mommy friends, please help me escape from kid world once in awhile

Beth said...

You inspired a real life post from me. Check it out!

Jackie said...

Hi - I read your comment at foodstoragedeals.com and then blog stalked you because I thought you had it right on. I love this post. I, too, get down because most blogs are all a facade about how great life is. Well, it's not always like that. As I write this my kids are screaming to get out of the bathtub, but here I write to a stranger because I need a moment! Thanks for your truthfulness! Keep it real!

The Boob Nazi said...

I do real-life posts all the time. Then someone "turned me in" to a professor for being depressed. I'm in grad school; of course I'm semi-depressed! I have no money, no time off, no excitement, no life.... haha at least I can laugh about it, right? So yeah, real-life posts might not always be the best idea when stupid immature people read it and can't tell when someone's joking.