Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm a terrible blogger

I know, it's been a while. And I have so much to babble about. But the first thing I want to catch up on here is something that has been on my mind quite often lately. I don't know about you but food storage was not something that I grew up with. My parents never had a room stocked with essential things we would need in case of an "emergency"; food, toiletries, etc. Never had those ever important 72-hour kits, car kits, heck I don't even know if we had a First-Aid Kit. Sure, we had bandaids and neosporin and that kind of thing if we needed them but never a whole kit. At least not to my knowledge.

I've always heard the prophets and apostles talk about needing to get our houses in order and maintaining at least a years supply of food in case we were to ever have an emergency. I always thought that meant if we were to have an earthquake or some other type of natural disaster. Not that there are many here in Utah that can occur. Although, I do remember a time not too long ago that tornados were unheard of here in Utah. But that all changed in, let's see, was it 2000? The times they are a changin'. But that's what I always thought of. Why would we need a years supply of food when the chances of needing it were not that great?

So then I got married, had 4 kids and things are changing all the time. These tough economic times are really hitting so many of us so hard. My family included. It's not been easy recently, that's for sure. Things have been kind of rough for about 2 years now for my little family and we'd also had a few rough spots earlier in our marriage. Not marriage problems, financial problems. Just to clarify. We've definitely not lived it up in the lap of luxury. But I know we're not alone in this and I know that things will probably get worse before they get better. Not for everyone, but as a whole. I still have peace and I know things are going to be okay for my family. But this whole situation has really been a wake up call for us.

We now realize, even though we'd heard it a gazillion times before, that food storage isn't for the natural disasters. I know it would be useful in those situations as well but it's for hard times. Times like this! When we're unemployed or just under-employed.

Food storage has really become my top priority lately. I joined this website called
It has been such a help to me. They charge a very low monthly fee and show you all the deals at the 5 major grocery stores here in Utah and tell you how good of a deal it is in comparison to the LDS Cannery and Costco. How cool is that? The best part for me is NO COUPONS! She doesn't do the coupon thing. Hey, if you're into coupons that's GREAT! I just happen to hate trying to match all the coupons to all the sales and having to find them in the right booklet, etc.

She also has a blog at that has recipes and lots more. I think it's still in transition from the old site so I don't know how much is on the blog yet. But check them out. It's great to know where all the deals are and save so much money. Right now you can sign up for 2 weeks FREE! Can't beat that, right? Not on the blog, on the actual site. Make sense?

OH! She even has an option to do meal plans. It's so great! And the recipes are good. Check it out!

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