Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thanks Patrick Day

My kids are so excited that "Thanks Patrick" Day is coming up on the 17th. I'm not even sure what we're going to Thank him for. But apparently, we need to thank Patrick for, whatever it is that he's done. So this is a shout out to Patrick! "THANKS PATRICK!!"

And who can forget the "apricons". I mean, they're a HUGE part of "Thanks Patrick" Day. You know, the little guys that are "just like regular people but they wear green all the time and they're shorter than us". Good ol' Apricons!!

But seriously, my kids really are excited about St. Patricks Day. They love being able to wear green of all shades that look hideous together just to let everyone know that they can't be pinched. But watch out, if they see you without green you're in for it. They're relentless! I think on those days, THEY are the Apricons.

I've always wanted to have the leprechauns come and leave the kids a treat of some kind. Never have done it because I always think about it too late. It's just not one of those holidays that I remember until it's upon me. Hopefully this year, I'll be a little more prepared. I found a cute little site that has fun coloring pages and such here.


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Lara Phister said...

I love kids, they always have the funniest things to say. I think from now on it will be Thank Patricks Day. Have you ever been up to the Thank Patricks Day parade at the Gateway? It's a lot of fun, and all the Irish people come out.