Friday, March 20, 2009

What's a girl to do?

My kids have been dying to walk up to the canal that is just up the road from us and feed the ducks and yesterday was a perfect day for such an activity. I think the temperature was close to 70 degrees and it felt great to be outside. I have a friend, a very pregnant friend, that is due on the 24th, who came with us. She wants to go into labor so a nice healthy walk pushing her two boys in a double stroller was just the TRY anyway. Nothing happened, darn it!

Well, I had my glasses with me that I've been wearing for about 2 years now. I've wanted contacts but haven't had the means to get them so I've just been wearing the glasses. Now mind you, my prescription is not very strong, at all (- .75). Most people that put my glasses on think I'm silly for wearing them because they can either tell no difference at all or just a very slight difference. But let me just tell you, it is illegal for me to drive without contacts or glasses. That's how dependent my eyes have become since my senior year of high school when I first got glasses. When I went to renew my license at the age of 21, I thought I would pass the vision test without the glasses being that they are such a light prescription so I took them off. But alas, my eyes failed me. They made me do it again with the glasses on and VOILA!

Sorry about the tangents. I'll now return you to your regularly scheduled blog story...

Anyway, I had my glasses with me but decided it was too bright and took them off to put on my sunglasses. Not prescription and definitely not the most stylish, but I can see well enough without my regular glasses to take a walk. Just no driving. So we made it to the canal without incident. By incident I mean, my friends water breaking or sudden contraction, that sort of thing. We hoped but it wasn't meant to be.

I remember while we were there, noticing that my glasses looked like they were going to fall out of the cup holder on my stroller. And then, I remember rearranging things for the sole purpose of NOT losing my glasses. Then, when we were all done, and by done I mean the kids were getting so close to the edge that it looked like they would fall in and then 2 of them running away by themselves...AAAAAAHHHHH...we walked back to my house, again without incident. Except when I went to trade my sunglasses for my real glasses they weren't there! CRAP!! Now what? I retraced my path all the way back to the canal while my friend watched all the kids, all the while probably fretting that I wouldn't make it back in time for her to go to her doctors appointment that I was supposed to be watching her kids for. I thought for sure I would find them but they were nowhere to be found.

And doesn't it seem appropriate that something like this would happen now? I mean, it's been way over the year that an eye prescription is considered valid which means I have to get another eye exam....$$cha-ching$$....and we have no income right now other than a few side jobs my husband has managed to pick up. Actually, to be honest, I'm surprised our internet connection hasn't been severed yet....hmmm.

But hey! On the upside, I get contacts again! Because now I have to get an eye exam and disposable contacts are much less expensive than buying glasses again. You'd almost think I did it on purpose considering all the whining I've done recently about my glasses. They just didn't fit right anymore with all the kids getting them and trying them on and the baby yanking them right off my face. The best part will be that I will no longer have glasses in pictures...blech!

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