Saturday, March 28, 2009

as if i need any more stress in my life

Ya know what really stresses me out? I mean really really stresses me out! Wal-Mart!!!!! I think I even have mild panic attacks when I enter. Just looking at the lines and lines of people waiting to check out and I know they'll be waiting for quite a while which means I will have to wait quite a while which means frustration and irritation for me and all others in the line and that means I'm not very nice to the cashier checking me out (ok, I'm nice but I don't want to be) but it doesn't really matter because most of the time they're not very friendly either or they just don't speak the same language that I do and that's ok. And that was a very unnecessarily long run-on sentence. But that's how much stress I feel when embarking on a Wally World adventure. And just the masses of people! Oh my! I feel clausterphobic (sp?).

Today I ended my hiatus. Why? I have no clue! Why do I torture myself? It's been months....really! I think the last time I went to Wal-Mart was about 6 months ago. *sigh* What a grand time I had shopping elsewhere. I love Target. And I love Albertsons, at least the sales. No stress. I can walk in, walk out and be happy. I know Wally World has great prices but sometimes it's just worth it to be able to breathe and get home within an hour of going shopping rather than double that or more.

Oh yes! So why did I go to Wally World today? Because I wanted to price match. Dumb dumb dumb I say! That's just another stress in and of itself. I just saw so many ads with such great prices on such varities of items and thought it was a great idea to head over to Wal-Mart and embark on the adventure. Hello, McFly! (name that movie) Have I mentioned parking as a stress yet? I feel like I have to walk at least half a mile to my car every time I go there. It seems I can never get a spot very close. And as soon as I drove into the parking lot I could feel the tension. How quickly I forget the feelings that emerge from such an adventure.

But fear not! I made it out safe and sound...2 hours later. And I only got about half of what was on my list. The stress was building and I was getting tired of dodging other carts every half second. It was NUTS! So I "made like a bread truck and hauled buns". (name that movie) Know what I mean, Vern? (name that movie)

Just thinking about going back gives me the willies, or would it be the Wallies in this case? At any rate, considering our current situation I think I'll need to make a trip occasionally but it will be modified to some extent. And I think I'll make my husband go with me. Ease my tension a bit. Wish me luck!

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Kortney said...

So I bet if you go to a DIFFERENT Walmart. You would have better luck. Not that ANY Walmart is a good Walmart, but the one by you. YOU KNOWm, the one on Redwood and 54th. OH MY... OH MY OH MY OH MY... Just say NO! I think that is the only walmart in the CENTER of the Valley. That's why is't so freakin busy.

That one and the one Downtown SUCK... UGH!

The one by my house is better. I just mean the lines are only about half-ish. But that doesn't help you. Umm.... Go to the Highland one or the couple on 56th west. It's worth the drive LOL if you must.

So now you know...