Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So my dad recently brought to my attention, although I really already knew it but never paid much attention to it, how much people use the word "so". Especially in beginning a sentence. Look at my very first sentence, I'm guilty already. I really feel that the way we speak is ever changing with society and the new slang terms, words or phrases that pop up. Wouldn't you agree? It really is funny to me now when I hear someone start a sentence with "so".

"So I went to the store today and......"

"So yesterday my friend and I ....."

"So I totally think that we should......."

So, isn't it kind of funny? What kind of word is "so" anyway? Don't get me wrong. I'm one of the biggest offenders in using "so" to begin a sentence. What would be a more appropriate thing? According to my dad, it would be "henceforth" or "therefore" or "wherefore". But who speaks like that anymore? Who are we, Shakespeare? While those may be more appropriate in definition or more proper I just have to say that would just be really weird. No one speaks like that anymore. Or maybe they do and I just live among the village idiots (like myself) who wouldn't know when to use which one so they just use "so". It works!

Therefore and henceforth, I will still be using "so" to begin my sentences. SO, deal with it!

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