Thursday, September 23, 2010

HELLO....Is anyone out there?

Does anyone still blog anymore? I feel like everyone has deserted the blogging world for the fast-paced, know-everyones-business-in-less-than-15-seconds, who-wants-to-be-my-friend-today, how-many-comments-did-I-get-on-my-status phenomenon that is Facebook. I admit it's taken it's toll on my blogging as of late but NO MORE, I say! I mean, FB is great and all but you can't really record everything you will want to remember. Where are the memories, people?

My family blog (which is private) has suffered this past year. Maybe I thought I wouldn't really need to remember everything that I didn't record. Turns out, I'm sad that it's not all there. My kids need to know all the crazy, off-the-wall stuff they do and say. Like just this week my son learned the word FORK, only he doesn't say fork, he says F***! It's not good, and yet, I laugh every time. How can you not? I mean, it's not cute in the least bit when a 12 year old says it but when your 2-year-old says it so innocently, it's funny, no?

So anyway, I'm on a mission to save the blogging world! Who's with me? Well, probably no one because I don't think anyone reads this but by golly, I'll save my own for crying out loud!! Someday, someone will be glad I did. The end!


A Bunch of Roaches said...

I read this blog. I don't remember your other blog though. I still blog. I have three of them:
I agree facebook kinda takes away from the blogging. Why post pics on facebook and repost on the blog??? So I save my best ones for the blog. It is cute that your son calls forks that. That made me laugh. :)

Anonymous said...

I am with you Brooke. I will be cheering you on. I love to read what you say.