Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Crazy Life That is Ours for the Taking

Sometimes I feel like we are too busy to breathe.  I know I'm not the only one that feels that way.  Here are the few the things that have been going on in our lives that keep us on our toes. 

Besides the obvious change in eating habits which we've discussed many times already, so let's move on...

B is now standing!  We have known for several weeks that he could but for some reason never would.  Being that his first birthday is coming up next week, I just have to say, it's about stinkin' time!  What I know now is that he could walk if he really wanted to.  No, really!  We've all seen him do it.  He's taken up to 6 steps on his own (that was just 3 days ago) but he gets nervous and decides that crawling is a much simpler way to get where you are going.  I disagree but try reasoning with an almost 1-year-old.  So, I can't officially call him a walker... yet!

C is a big monkey, as always, and still loves tormenting his sisters and little brother.  Anthony and I are convinced that he acts out for attention but I swear he gets 90% of the attention we give.  He demands it!  I don't see how we could NOT!  Love the little guy to death but goodness gracious, let me rest for half a second. 

Everywhere we go, people think he is the cutest little stink they've ever seen.  People we know adore his personality.  Trust me, the kid's got plenty of it.  Anthony and I often wish we had just a fraction of the energy he's got bottled up in that little ripped body of his.  Have I mentioned the fact that he has a six-pack?  No joke!  And his back and shoulders are ripped too.  He's so strong!

In addition to wreaking havoc 95% of the time that he's awake, he's also learning to USE THE POTTY-- havoc in and of itself!  I must admit, this is my absolute least favorite part of toddlerhood.  Lucky for us, we have hardwood floors or tile throughout the whole main floor of our home.  Easy clean-up!  Does anyone else have a hard time teaching kids to go #2?  That has been the hardest thing with every child.  I think C's almost got it mastered, though.  He's no longer hiding in a corner and messing his pants, thank goodness!  My favorite was when he would be hiding, I would walk into the room, at which point he would tell me to "Go away!  I poopin'."  NICE!

Enough about the boys, let's move on, shall we?

The girls are such big helpers to me, especially K.  I don't know what I would do without her.  She's my go-to gal whenever I need a specific chore done or someone to check on what the boys are doing.  And every once in a while, I ask her to change a diaper.  She's still never done a messy one.  Although, she's no longer able to change B.  He's too darn wiggly these days!

A and H are still fighting like cats and dogs, and loving like BFF's.  But don't count K out of this one.  She's often the ring leader of the fighting and she's got a temper on her.  Surprising?  Maybe, but she's learned from the best (that would be me).  Yes, I've got a bit of a temper and I see it come out in her.  It's funny the things you don't see in yourself until your kids show you that it's there. 

A is definitely still gets the Drama Queen award.  That girl and I butt heads more often than I'd like to admit.  Fire and ice I tell you!  But she has such a sweet side too.  The sweet side likes to show itself more toward inanimate objects, however.  Her stuffed animals and dolls get better care than a heartbroken sister.  What to do, what to do...

H is still sweet and super silly.  The things she says are just so random and often just plain weird.  Just this morning she was looking at something in Anthony's junk drawer (I forget what it was) and she turned to him and said, "Daddy, are you a spy?"  We got a pretty good laugh out of that one.  

Anthony, of course, is still doing very well with his new eating plan.  Much better than a wife of his that I know.  I think you could say I've fallen off the wagon this weekend for sure.  Time to kick it into high gear... again!  No wonder he's lost 13 pounds and I've been stuck at 6 for a while now.  **Sigh**

And dare I say what's ahead of us for the next 3 months?  Here's a hint:  We just bought something that we've both said that we want to try but now that it's here, I'm scared to death!  What if I can't do it?   But, what if I can... and do!  That would be exciting! 

And now I must apologize to my parents, the Santa Barbarians, for not Skyping for a
while.  I promise we will.  It's been a busy week for us and we haven't even had the kids to bed on time all week. 

So, until next post...

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LeShel said...

love reading about your kiddos. can't wait to find out what you've purchased