Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My children are perfect! What's wrong with YOURS?

Maybe my expectations were a little off the chart when I made my mental checklist of how my kids would turn out.  Surely I'm not the only one that fantasized of perfect little tots running around.  

You know which ones I'm talking about, right?  The kids with hair that is always perfectly done up, that never have snot running from their nose into their mouth, are always polite, faces never have leftover lunch smeared from cheek to cheek (or on shoulder sleeves because they use it as a napkin), clothes match perfectly and have no stains or holes, talking back is never an issue, get along splendidly with each other, never tattle, and do what they're asked to do promptly without any eyerolling, sighing or other sign of their annoyance at you. 

Do you know these kids?  I'm sure you know someone with kids Just. Like. These ones. 

For some unknown, strange reason, many people think those kids belong to ME (minus the hair always being done... that's a toughie at our house)!  ME!!  I can't tell you how often Anthony and I are told what a 'perfect little family' we have.  We are constantly being told how wonderfully polite our kids are.  People are always impressed with the attitude they have toward us as their parents.  They hope their kids turn out like ours.  And they seem to think that Anthony and I have it all together.  We're just a perfect little couple with perfect kids to boot.  Let me just tell you


Seriously, we should be in Hollywood.  

If you think we are the image of perfection, I'm very sorry for misleading you.

Please understand that I love my family with all my heart.  I wouldn't change a thing about any one of them (ok, maybe a few minor things ;)) but we are a far cry from what most people think of us.  We've got issues!  

Sounds silly but it is truer than you can imagine. 

Just be happy with what you've got, booger noses and all.  And remember that even the 'perfect family' has got it's own issues. 

Take for example the throwdown between K and A yesterday.  Goodness!  You wanna see the claws come out?  They each ended up in time out for over an hour!  There was screaming, name calling, slapping, you name it.  Over what?  A wanted the pencil that K was using and had asked for it but was too impatient to wait.  So, she grabbed it out of K's hand and .... well, the rest is history. 

Little C is becoming an even bigger stinker than he previously has been.  With his 3rd birthday coming up tomorrow, I guess he figures he might as well start acting three.  I don't know about you but I would take a two-year-old over a three-year-old ANY DAY!  

And today I really WANTED a time out.  I wish there were such a thing for us moms.  If there were, I'd probably abuse it.  I would want to sit there more often than a mommy should be allowed.  Sometimes, when I yell at the kids over something silly (just because I'm stressed out), I should sit in time out.  Yes, it happens.  I yell a lot more often than is necessary.  Working on that, though.  Does that count? 

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A Bunch of Roaches said...

I couldn't agree more with this post. People used to tell my mom how perfect all of us kids were. We got a good laugh from that one.