Wednesday, November 21, 2012

He’s Here!! (Part 1)

4:48 pm… First contraction. 

Things really started rockin’ from there. 

Got to the hospital later that night and just after midnight Baby B was born…. without an epidural!! 

Oh wait…

That’s how it would have gone in a perfect world.

This is what really happened:

Picture it… my cousin’s wedding reception.  There had been bets about me going into labor after The Chicken Dance.  If you know me at all you know that The Chicken Dance is my favorite dance of all time.  It’s my theme song!  It doesn’t matter where or when it’s played.  If I’m within hearing distance, I’m gonna dance.  Just the way it is!  I’ve been known to make a fool of myself in awkward places. 

However, this time around, it didn’t sound so appealing.  Not after the pelvic issues I’ve been dealing with.  I just couldn’t picture myself Chicken Dancing… 9 months pregnant (looking more like 11 months), though I had found a few things that helped with the pain.  Helped, not cured by any means.  Sitting on a donut helped take some of the pressure off my pelvic area.  I could only sit for short periods of time but it helped.  Walking around was the most helpful but then I would swell from being on my feet all day.  Also, some exercises I found online seemed to help as well. 

But there I was, sitting at my table and the music started.  Not The Chicken Dance music.  I believe it was the YMCA.  I’m a sucker for any kind of dancy tune.  Anything with actions that I know.  At that point I couldn’t help myself.  The part of me that was so sure I would just be sitting there watching changed it’s tune.  Before I could stop myself I was up YMCA-ing.  This after I had just been complaining to one of my cousin’s about my pelvic bone being in such agony that I could barely move some days. 

Luckily, I was having a good pelvic day! ;)

A few more fun songs came on and then there it was… THE CHICKEN DANCE!!  I shook my little tail feathers til they couldn’t shake any more.  Everyone was amused at the pregnant lady on the dance floor.  But wasn’t about to be the only nut so I dragged my sister out on the floor with me along with Anthony on the songs he was comfortable with.  Kortney didn’t get a choice.  If she wanted me in labor before she had to leave for her next work shift (she’s a flight attendant) she was gonna have to boogie the night away with me! 

She was so worried that she would miss it because of that shift. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t in labor after all that boogie-ing.  Pain?  Yes!  Labor?  No!  My pelvic bone was truly in agony the next morning. 

So, Kortney (who is a massage therapy graduate) came over the next morning to do her ‘voodoo’ magic and try to put me into labor. 

She got some pretty regular contractions going and I rubbed some clary sage on my belly to hopefully move things along.  I also took a capsule of it with some water. 

Things were looking good.  Then the contractions would fade away to nothing. 

Anthony’s sister from Idaho was also hoping to be here for the delivery so she had called saying that she had the day off and was feeling like she should come down just in case it happened.  I told her not to bother because nothing significant was happening.  I would hate for her to drive 6 hours just to have to turn around again and go home. 

Then it happened…

Anthony was getting ready for the Utah game.  He had scored a free ticket from a guy at work and planned to take C with him.  Then I saw that one of my facebook friends was giving a ticket away.  Got a hold of her and scored that one for A.  Wouldn’t you know it, just a few minutes later K had been invited to go with a friend a couple houses down because they had a ticket that wasn’t going to be used. 

4:48 pm… First REAL contraction!!  I had Anthony call her sister to give her a heads up.  I worried about Anthony leaving to the game with the kids and leaving me with H and B.  What if I really was in labor and couldn’t get to the hospital? 

Two hours later I still hadn’t had another contraction.  Not one!  A few Braxton Hicks but nothing that felt like the real deal. 

They left for the game and had a great time (except for the fact that the Utes lost :()

Meanwhile I was at home and at 9:38 I had a contraction.  Another at 10:17 and a third at 10:51. 

It was a late game so they wouldn’t be home until just after midnight.  But I knew after that third contraction we were in early labor.  It was only a matter of time. 

Anthony had been assigned to speak in a ward the following morning but I told him as he got home from the game that he would probably NOT be giving that talk.  I don’t think he believed me.  This labor was already moving a lot slower than any of the others.  Skeptical that I might not even be in labor he said that he would still plan on it. 

He headed to bed… I labored. 

At 2:50 am I texted his sister to let her know I was indeed in labor and she should head on down.  I thought for sure I’d be having a baby fairly quickly with my past history and all. 

But it wasn’t to be… (To be Continued…)


Annisha said...

Sorry, Brooke! I hope it happens quick and you're out of pain very soon!

Brooke said...

Annisha, it's actually all done and over with now. I just need to write the rest of the story. :). All is well!