Monday, November 5, 2012

SPD–What fun!!

I try not to complain too much, I really do.  The fact is, I have really great pregnancies… or at least I used to.  Aside from a preeclampsia scare with K, the first three of my pregnancies were amazing!!  No morning sickness, no abnormal pains, nothin’!  So maybe I gained a bit too much weight but let’s not talk about that ;).

And then I got pregnant with C.  Still no morning sickness (thank goodness) but for the last several months of my pregnancy I had pains that I had never felt before.  I got shooting pains down my groin area, the sciatic nerve was a mess, and I felt like my pelvic bone was broken!  At night I would have to have Anthony push me or pull me in order to roll over in bed.  My bone felt like it was being crushed.  And getting up from a sitting position was never fun.  I never mentioned it to the doctor because I figured it was me just being a baby.  Maybe it was normal… maybe?

Then I got pregnant with B.  Things went along smoothly until the very end, maybe just the last month or so.  Pelvic pain, again!!  Only this time it was for much shorter period of time and not nearly as painful. 

This pregnancy has been a bit rough with the sciatic nerve thing and the groin pain but nothing I couldn’t handle… until now.  For the past few days my pelvic bone feels like it is crushed, just like with C… only WORSE!!  Seriously, I thought I was going to die for the past couple of days.  It’s the kind of pain that you don’t even know how to describe.  The kind that, when trying to describe it to others, you are sure they are looking at you thinking, Oh brother!  Get over it!  You’re pregnant and that’s just part of it.

But when it stops you dead in your tracks,

Standing up from a sitting position causes you to just about buckle over and fall to the ground,

Having to stand there, after gasping, for several minutes in a room full of people you don’t know at a bridal shower,

Mustering up just enough strength to keep from crying out in pain… crying real tears,

Just to have the pain subside enough to take the short walk to change your son’s poopy diaper in the other room,

Everyone stopping what they are doing to make sure the extremely pregnant woman is alright,

Wondering if she’s having contractions…

It is sooo real!!  And so not fun!

And that night I cried real tears three times just trying to stand.  Anthony tried to help me up but it didn’t make much of a difference in the pain.

It had started just a couple days before and I had done some research. 

What was this pelvic pain I was having?  Was it common?  Was it real?  Does it have a name? 

Indeed, it does!!  SPD… aka Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction or Pelvic Girdle Pain. 

Yesterday was spent in my bed… the whole day.  It’s the only time I felt relief.  Now trying to roll over from one side to the other was not fun at all but as long as I was still, things were happy! 

However, today (Monday) I would not be lucky enough to have Anthony home with me to pamper me and take care of the kids while I hung out in the bed.  So, early this morning I sent him to the store for a donut! 

Not one that you eat, silly, the kind you sit on.  I thought maybe if I could sit without pressure under my pelvis it would help.  It has helped somewhat but I also called the midwife’s office to find out if there was anything that could possibly be done. 

After talking with one of the midwives, I found out that it is too late in the game for physical therapy but she gave me the number to a chiropractor that deals with this sort of thing on a regular basis.  The appointment is set for tomorrow and I can’t wait!!  Never been to a chiropractor before.  I just know I am willing to do whatever I possibly can to help my poor pelvic area feel better.  Even just a little bit! 

I’m thinking that getting this baby out would be a GREAT option but it doesn’t look like that’s happening soon enough.  Still barely dilated to a one and no effacement whatsoever.  UGH! 


Have you ever dealt with something like this?  Any chiropractic help or anything? 

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Annisha said...

Good luck!! I hope you get some relief!!