Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This year when we asked the kids what they wanted to be for Halloween, C was the only one that said something and stuck to it. 

Santa Claus!!

Of course, we got to choose for B since he’s too young to really understand what it’s all about.  We used an idea we had seen on Pinterest a few times.  A Bum! 

The girls changed their minds several times before finally deciding on something. 

After it was all decided, C was going through each costume in his mind… out loud.  “H is gonna be a pirate, I’m gonna be Santa Claus, and B’s gonna be a butt!  **Pause** Mom, why does B have to be a butt?”

I laughed hysterically.  Actually I’m surprised it didn’t put me into labor.  :)  Apparently, he was hearing ‘bum’ and interpreting that as a butt.  (I really hope it doesn’t offend anyone.  It was just a cute costume… not to mention FREE!!)

It really was a fun Halloween.  My family came over for carving pumpkins the night before and on Halloween night we went to our ward Trunk or Treat.  OH how I adore those!  Get all the candy in a fraction of the time and get on with your night.   

We also hit a few houses in the neighborhood that don’t attend the Trunk or Treat but have their houses ready for Trick or Treaters. 

We came home to dinner that my mom had made. I don’t remember what it was called but OH MAN it was delicious!!


  K Costume

A Costume

H Costume

C Costume

B Costume 2

Costumes 1

Costumes 2


This is one of the few pictures I got of Santa after he was fattened up.



My sister was kind enough to be Santa’s reindeer per his request.

Santa and Rudolph


E said...

You got those pics uploaded quickly!!
So happy I was able to be here for the festivities! :-)
I loved all the costumes... Especially free 'butts'! Haha
P.S. it seemed appropriate to use my nickname on this post since all the kids have initialed names as well!

Cari said...

Super cute! Love the "will work for candy sign!" So cute. And have to mention your photo skills have really improved- those are some great images!

Brooke said...

Why thank you, Cari! I don't know that I'd call them GREAT but definitely an improvement. I need to work on lighting. That's my biggest issue.