Friday, October 26, 2012

Choices?! You mean I have real CHOICES?

Ever since I decided to try this whole natural labor thing I’ve discovered a few things. 

I realize that this is baby number six and in theory I should know a few things about laboring and delivering.  Sadly, I am ignorant. 

Ignorant to the fact that I actually have choices!  Real ones!!

The choice to wear a hospital gown (so unflattering ;)) or wear my own clothes once I check into the hospital.

The choice to have an IV (ouch!) or NOT to have an IV… that’s a choice?  Yes, it is!

The choice to drink (water and juice) and, dare I say, EAT during labor!!?  That’s right my friends, I can eat something if I choose to.  Kind of thinking that I won’t be making that choice.  Who can eat with all that laboring goin’ on?  Pretty sure I won’t be hungry.  Now afterwards… that’s a whole different story.  Bring on the Big Mac, fries, and the chocolate shake!!

The choice to delay the cord clamping… did you know that it is beneficial to let the cord stop pulsating before clamping and cutting it so as to allow the blood to make it back to the baby?  Hello!!  Makes total sense but I am just now figuring this out. 

The choice to delay or refuse the eye ointment they usually immediately rub into the baby’s eyes.  I need to do a little more research on this in order to make the most informed decision…. delay for sure, refuse maybe or maybe not.

Anyway, the point is that I had never done my research.  I just assumed that ‘this’ (as in the way the hospitals do it when not given any instructions) is the way it’s done and it’s the only way to do it.  There were no choices. 

Some of you are probably laughing at my ignorance.  You were probably smarter than I and did your research beforehand.  Go you! 

Heck, some of you probably even chose to have a homebirth.  I admit I used to think that was the most absurd idea I had ever heard.  However, after all my research I’ve changed my tune.  It’s a great idea!!  One that I would never consider for myself only because of our experience with little C.  We almost lost him and he had to be resuscitated (I admit I totally had to google that word to figure out how to spell it).  Very scary!  It seems that I tend to produce very short cords and he was wrapped up in his only once around the neck.  It was so short that he couldn’t come down the birth canal.  I was literally strangling him with each push.  For that reason alone I am too chicken to ever consider a home birth.  But I think it’s a beautiful idea for the majority of women who have low risk, healthy pregnancies. 

And now for my update on this little one growing inside me…

 35 Weeks

It appears that he shows no sign of wanting to make his appearance any time soon.  I am exactly 36 weeks today (the 26th) and I am dilated to ‘maybe a one’ according to the midwife…. maybe a one?  Maybe? 

And no effacement whatsoever. 

Sounds like another B situation.  B was a stubborn little thing too and came only one day before his due date.  And that was after having my membranes stripped the day before.  Who knows if he would have come on his own. 

Unfortunately, the midwives won’t strip the membranes… UGH!  Maybe I can have Anthony do it?? 

Ok, maybe not. 

All I know is that I do not want to have this baby on Thanksgiving!  He’s due the day after so… it’s highly likely.  We’ll see. 

Are there any other ‘unknowns’ that I should know about heading into this natural delivery I’m attempting?  Please share!!



Thyme said...

We let the cord stop pulsing before it was cut. No eye ointment. It's for chlamydia and gonorrhea. I am not at risk for having those, so why put ointment on my baby's eyes? I was SO excited to eat during Zachary's labor, because I was STARVING during Sydney's. Yeah, I was NOT hungry at all.

Oh, and you make me giggle. ONLY one day early? My EARLIEST was 9 days overdue! Zachary was 21 days overdue! ;)

Brooke said...

I can't believe they let you go 21 days late!! That's crazy! My mom was actually 5 1/2 weeks late with me but that was way. back. when... You know, back in the OLD days ;)

One day early is LATE for me. All my girls were 2 weeks early. I guess my boys just like to make themselves comfy and don't want to come.

I keep reading that the eye ointment is for the STD's (which I am not at risk for either) but I keep trying to figure out if there is any other reason for them. So far, that's all I can find so we probably won't do it. Oh how I wish I would have done all this research before reaching number 6. What can I say?

Ruth Hansen said...

Just so you know... : ) I did have a baby on Thanksgiving. Not near as bad as you might think. It was wonderful to have something extra to be thankful for that year. If your child had to share their birthday with a holiday this is a pretty good one since it is not a set date. Their birthday doesn't fall on Thanksgiving very they still get their own special day...but get to feel an extra sense of belonging to Thanksgiving. And that's a pretty great holiday to belong to.

Thanksgiving dinner at the hospital was not fabulous but other than that it was a great experience. Good luck with your labor and delivery. I'm sure you'll make great choices!

Brooke said...

Funny you should say that, Ruth. I actually share a birthday with Thanksgiving every once in a while. And no, it isn't bad at all. I just really want to eat OUR Thanksgiving dinner, not the hospital Thanksgiving dinner. But, if I happen to be in the hospital that day I am sure my mom and/or other visitors wouldn't mind bringing me my dinner to enjoy at the hospital. :)

Kristin said...

I have no REAL experience with natural birth (the whole way through), but if you haven't already read it... I'd get your hands on the hypnobirthing book. It's all about relaxing and breathing and has some awesome techniques to train your body. And based on your preferences, having your husband right by you at your beck and call is everything too. (I'm all about the back/foot/leg rubs!) Good luck! I'm trying this too! ;)