Thursday, October 4, 2012 Review & Giveaway!!

We try not to allow too much screen time at our house.  I think a little bit is good but we’ve noticed that too much causes C to act out more than usual.  It makes him mean. 

But let’s face it… I’m as big as a hippo right now (seriously, I’m huge… people are surprised when I tell them I still have over a month and a half to go), I can’t keep up with the boys at this point (I no longer walk, I waddle… and my left hip is killing me!), and quite frankly I am a big fan of screen time and movies at the moment.  It’s the only way to keep those little boys of mine still for any length of time. 

I’ve seen the commercials for from time to time and thought it sounded fun.  So, I was excited to be contacted by Michelle who offered to let us try it in exchange for a review (all opinions expressed are my own).  I’d much rather they be doing something educational than just mindlessly watching the TV.  This was a great opportunity to help them get some basics down in a fun way. 


And guess what…

She’s letting me give one of YOU a subscription also… good for a WHOLE YEAR!! 

That’s a value of $79!!

We’ve been using our subscription for over a week and half now and have absolutely LOVED it!  C was able to create an avatar that looks just. like. him. 



Uncanny, no?

And I admit, even the girls (*ahem* and I) have enjoyed ourselves a little  My favorite?… the fun songs!  That’s B’s favorite, too.  C really likes any time that he earns tickets.  He thinks it’s pretty cool and yells every time, “Mom!  I got some tickets!” 

There are so many different rooms and places to visit from the farm, the zoo, the classroom, and more that even C doesn’t get bored.  He’s usually all over the place with the computer because he gets bored easily.


I enjoy the fact that he really is learning.  B is still a little too young to do much of it on his own but C is able to maneuver his way through without any help at all.  He likes the puzzles, the lessons (of which I was able to choose the level at which to start him out at), and visiting the zoo. 

So, now it’s your turn!  There are several ways to enter to win a year long subscription.  Make sure to check back by Sunday, the 14th, to see if you won!!


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Cari said...

I've been debating about this one for a while now- I would love to get it for Ethan but I'm concerned it will already be too easy for him- I'd love to be able to try it out!

Karlee Brooks said...

This looks great. I just signed up for the free month trial.

Tiffany said...

My little guy would love to play with the computer more, but I'm like you and don't want too much screen time without him learning anything.

Anni Johnston said...

Elizabeth loves it and I'd love to have a year free! I'm going to start Devin on it as soon as he's two as he loves watching sister!!

Lindsay said...

This sounds so great. Thanks for sharing Brooke!

Emily said...

I have been wanting to use this with my son, but haven't wanted to pay that much for it. This would be great!!

Anne said...

We used their free trial offer and even if we cancelled before expiration they continued billing us and refused any refund. Very bad customer service and very dishonest approach to increasing their customer base.

We originally cancelled because we found the lessons repetitive and boring. My 4 year old daughter was having more fun spending "virtual money" than learning anything. I am not interested in turning her into an avid consumer, so I prefer to chose other sites.

After the terrible customer service experience, I realized that these people are not really serious about our kids. They just want to sell this to as many people as possible. Obviously the "virtual money" is a hook for kids. Who doesn't like to buy and accumulate anything and everything he/she sees and likes?