Friday, October 12, 2012

It’s Official: I’m Insane

I am an absolutely reasonable person.

Just ask me, I’ll tell ya.  ;)

Crazy extreme sports and activities are NOT my thing.  Skydiving, parasailing, bungee jumping, mountain climbing… Umm, no thanks! 

My idea of extreme is a roller coaster.  That’s right, I’m a big, fat chicken!  You can say it, I’m boring. 

And when it comes to having babies I am the biggest wimp ever.  Seriously, with my first I was still scared to death of having my blood drawn.  Anthony went with me to my first appointment and had to hold my hand while I tried to convince the phlebotomist that there was really no need to draw my blood.  She assured me that it was necessary. 

Who knew that was part of the whole having-a-baby process?  Not me!  (One of the many things you are never told before getting pregnant.)

Over the course of having my five, almost six, children I have become much braver. 

Heck!!  I even let the anesthesiologist stick a gigantic needle, which I am convinced would even be too big for a mammoth, in my back in order to ease the pain of labor.  Oh how I love epidurals!!  They have been my best friends while giving birth. 

Ok, so there’s the occasional epidural that doesn’t work… like when I had A.  I ended up receiving a spinal headache and having to push with said headache… basically I had her naturally without wanting to.  Ended up needing a blood patch to relieve it.  Another story for another day.

Or there’s the time that I didn’t know I had *ahem* gas.  The poor anesthesiologist!  That’s kind of an embarrassing story.  Let’s just say it was LOUD!  And stinky.  And loooong!  The only defense I have is that when your body is going numb from said epidural it’s kind of hard to control the gas, ok?  That was with H.  I still get red faced whenever Anthony feels the need to tell the story to someone.  Oh Anthony… I love you!

But in my own defense, I have to guess that it’s happened to more than just myself.  Why would I think that?  Because the poor doc that was on the receiving end of my behind was unfazed.  He didn’t flinch.

I wasn’t going to tell that story but I’m good at embarrassing myself so…

Anyway, the point is that an epidural is just something I plan on.  I know ahead of time that it’s coming so I don’t stress the early labor. 

So, imagine my own surprise when at my appointment today with the midwife I started asking questions about natural birth. 

Say what? 

That’s right, I’m thinking about it which makes me insane.  I can’t even believe that I’ve even thought about crossing to the crazy side.  The side where all you crazy mommies who do things without meds are.  You’re CRAZY!! 

What has come over me? 

Honestly I don’t know what it is.  Maybe the fact that this is quite possibly our last baby.  I have to admit that the thought of this phase of my life being over makes me kind of sad.  (However, if our financial situation were to improve over the next few years I wouldn’t mind trying for more.)  I’ve only gone natural once and it wasn’t by choice.  I hear all the time that it’s something you have to mentally prepare for if it’s going to be at all a pleasant experience. 

Pleasant?  Pain?  Can those two words ever really coincide?

When I asked Anthony what he thought he said that he was on board.  (Of course he is!  It’s not him going through the labor!)  He said it would be like my marathon.  You know, because I don’t run… he does.  He’s crossed that off his bucket list (many times over!) and now he’s added a triathlon to the list. 

WHO DID I MARRY?  He’s a mad man! 

So, it has crossed my mind.  Strangely enough, crossing to the crazy side has actually crossed my mind.  Next thing you know I’m gonna be tandem jumping out of an airplane……..

or not… yeah, probably not!

Are you one of the crazies (Natural birthers)?  I could use all the advice and resources you’ve got!  Whaddaya got for me? 

P.S.  Have I told you how much I am enjoying going to the midwives?  I’ve only had to pee in a cup once (my very first appointment) and they let me choose my own schedule.  None of this pee-in-a-cup-every-stinkin’-time-you-come and having an appointment every 4 weeks for the first several months.  I got to go every six weeks instead being that I’m “an experienced mom” and all.  ;) 


Stefani said...

I LOVE natural birth. I had my three babies natural by choice--used a midwife every time--love midwives! If you were in the Dallas area, I'd have more recommendations for you, but I guess I'll just give my general thoughts. First, I would not use the word pleasant. I tried Hypnobirthing; it didn't work for me. Birth was still hard work--not necessarily painful, just hard work getting through each contractions. My favorite resource for natural birth is "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth." Other favorite resources include "Birthing from Within" by Pam England, "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth" by Heci Goer, and "The Natural Pregnancy Book" by Aviva Jill Romm. Also, water is great: a jetted tub, or a shower aimed at the belly. Wishing you the best!

LeShel said...

I did my last two births natural. I'd love to chat with you anytime. I'm all for natural and I'm all for epidurals. It's such a personal choice. Which ever way you go will be perfect because in the end you'll have a beautiful baby.

Ruth Hansen said...

The first 2 births of my 7 kids were with epidurals. The rest all natural. I wanted to give it a husband called me "Super Woman" and I haven't looked back since. Yes it does get hard. Just make sure you have a breathing rhythm worked quick breaths for the end and it helps to concentrate on something...a picture or even a spot on the wall. The main thing that I have learned is that I get a little wimpy at the end...start thinking things like "I can't do this". I have asked my husband to say such encouraging things as "You are amazing", "You can do this", "It's almost over", etc. My sister loved her experience with a midwife and highly encourages water birth. She says that it takes the edge off of the contractions. I did find I liked sitting in the tub at the hospital until labor got intense.

This last time I also requested that they not give me anything in the IV if they didn't have to. My doctor agreed to have an IV shunt in but not use it except in an emergency and it was wonderful to not worry about being hooked up to that machine. I also did without pitocin after birth...they give it to help strengthen the uterus or something...I did fine without it and the after pains were not near so hard.

Good luck. You will be amazing and I totally know you can do the natural birth thing. Side benefits - without an epidural I noticed that recovery is SO much easier.

Thyme said...

I had a natural HOME birth in April. My first two babies were c-sections. It was AMAZING. If you go in thinking you're going to do it natural, and prepare for it, it goes much smoother and so much better. With my first I was like "yeah, I'll go natural if I can, but I'm totally getting the drugs if need be." AWFUL. And ended in a c-section. With my second baby they couldn't get the epidural in. They stabbed me FOUR times, and the needle bent in my back each time, felt like an electrical shock running up my spine. On the fifth try they got it in. SOOOO awful. And to make matters worse with both my c-sections I ended up with giant cold sores that took over my entire chin, and required antibiotics to go away. The first lasting for EIGHT weeks. My homebirth was amazing, no cold sores. I'll never go back. But I realize it's not for everybody. I just wish the hospitals (here) were more open to natural. I was belittled when I wanted it with my first and told not to be a martyr.