Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Masquerade Ball

I had originally planned for there to be one big catch up post, then a Christmas post, followed by a New Year’s post.  Then I started editing pics to get it all under way and frazzle brained me accidentally told the program NOT to save the changes when I went to shut the computer down. 


And so, here a little… there a little.  That’s what we’re going to do.  I’ll catch up… eventually.

So, I was going to catch up on Halloween in the big post but now I think we’ll skip it.  Post a pic and call it good, no?  Anthony and I were Mr. and Mrs. Incredible… not shown.  Baby B actually got to be several things this year for different parties and events.  Monkey, cow, Squirt (turtle from Finding Nemo), and Tigger.  Lots of kids equals lots of costumes in baby/toddler sizes. 


Miss K was invited to a Masquerade Ball that was held just a couple days before Halloween.  Doesn’t she look beautiful?  It’s crazy to me how fast this girl is growing up.  I swear she was just born last week! 


She invited a couple of her cousins to come along, also.  They just moved back to Utah from Nebraska so it was fun for them to all go and get reacquainted. 


Someone’s father wasn’t too happy to see his little girl so fancied up and looking so pretty.  This is him telling those boys they had better stay away. 


I was the one that got to go pick her up from the ball that night.  Call it bias but I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a more beautiful little gal at the ball!  The dancing wasn’t quite over when I got there but she informed me that up to that point no one had asked her to dance.  Part of me was sad for her as she told me that all of her friends had been asked and most of them several times over the course of the night.  But when I looked around I realized that there was only one explanation… all the boys were too chicken!  She looked RADIANT!  And she wasn’t the least bit sad.  She laughed about it.  I told her that her dad would be so happy! 

She asked if they could stay for just a few more dances.  Those ‘few’ turned into MANY! 

Finally, it happened!  My friend Tamra’s son asked Miss K to dance.  He had chosen her shoe from the middle of the room and had to dance with the owner of the shoe.  He is only slightly younger than her but he’s a darling kid.  They know each other from clogging class… and the fact that his sister is one of K’s good friends. 

Can I just tell you how awkward they looked?  I LOVED IT!  Watching them both stumble over each other’s feet… it was a good time.  ;)  They had no clue how to dance with each other.  I am giggling just thinking about it.  Good times.  I think they both felt nervous (though K would never admit that).  Oh how I wish I had a picture!  Her first dance.

A good time was had by all!

More updates to come…

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