Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, New Goals

Ok, it has been far too long.  Going back to school has kind of thrown me for a loop.  It was rough getting into the swing of things.  Then, when I finally DID get the hang of things I felt like I couldn’t wrap my head around blogging. 

I was way too behind to try and catch up.  Where would I even start? 

But it’s a new year which means a fresh start!  I don’t know why the beginning of a year kind of puts everything into perspective.  All of the sudden things seem doable again.  Make it a goal or a resolution and VOILA!  You’re back in business!

After a quick glance back at my blog I’ve realized that it has become something that I never really intended it to become.  It started as a place to write my feelings, my concerns, my happiness, my family happenings, my thoughts, a place to act as a journal, recipes that I love, and our homeschooling adventures.  It has slowly evolved into something else.  Not a bad something else but certainly not what I want. 

And so, resolution #1…


I don’t mind doing a review now and then and even a giveaway but I have neglected so many REAL moments!  I didn’t even document some of my favorite moments of the past couple years.  I’ll never get them back and it makes me sad to think… I have so many C stories documented and little B has come up with so many doozers of his own that I didn’t get written.  He’s just at that age where he’s doing so many crazy, mischievous things (and he is GOOD at it!). 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from going back to school it is this…

There is time for ALL of the fun things I want to do AND time for all the things I need to do also.  The trick is prioritizing. 

Have you ever seen that object lesson with the jar and the large rocks?  If you haven’t let me explain…

Items needed:  a large jar, some large rocks (Marbles will do also), sand, and water.  {Makes a great FHE lesson!}

Put the large rocks/marbles in first to the top of the jar.  Looks full.  Pour the sand in slowly to fill in all the gaps left between rocks to the top.  Now it’s definitely full, right?  Not quite!  Slowly pour water until the jar really is full to the brim. 

The most interesting part to think about is that if you do this in the reverse order it won’t all fit.  If you try to put the rocks in last there’s no way they will all make it in. 

The rocks/marbles represent all the things that are the most important to get done.  For me that includes scripture study, prayer, temple attendance, family time (quality time), school, date night, dates with kids, etc.  The sand represents all the extra things you want to get done.  For me it might be, oh I don’t know… exercising, working on a project of some sort, reading a good book, updating my blog with meaningful content, etc.  Finally, the water represents all the extras.  Maybe it’s facebooking, catching up on other blogs, playing a game, going out to lunch with a friend, watching a favorite TV show, etc. 

Putting the most important things first really does make a difference.  I’ve put this to the test over the last semester of school and have found it to be absolutely true!  Whenever I put the water and sand items first I run out of time for the rocks.  Very few of them get done.  But when I put my rocks first I am able to accomplish so much more! 

Try it for yourself!  Do it prayerfully.  Ask Heavenly Father what your rocks should be. 

Anyway, this blog is a priority for me.  I want this to be a record of my family.  I want it to be worthy of printing into a book someday (for my family).  I want it to be uniquely US! 

I’ve also got several other goals for the year.  It may seem like too much at first glance but I know if I prioritize things it can all happen.  Not perfectly, I’m sure there will be bumps along the way.  Here they are: 

Learn a new skill every month (or improve existing skills)

· January – Knit/Crochet

· February – Sewing

· March – Spanish

· April – Photography

· May – Running

· June –

· July –

· August – Canning

· September –

· October –

· November –

· December –

Make a big deal for birthdays and holidays.

Say ‘Yes’ more often.

Live in the moment.

Do Personal Progress with K. (Finish by October)

Dates with kids.

Temple once/month.

So, anyone got any ideas for the months I have vacancies in? 

Expect a catch up post, and a Christmas/New Year post coming up very soon!  And of course I’ll be updating on the progress of my monthly ‘skills’ as I learn. 



Cari said...

Awesome goals! How about gardening or candle making? Or something food related, cooking with a new grain, herb or veggie?

LeShel said...

I say pick one of those months and learn about napping :)
Great goal! You rock!

Brooke said...

Great ideas! I think I will gardening... again. I feel like I work hard at that one EVERY stinkin' year but with no luck. We'll see how it goes for 2014.

Brooke said...

Ooh! I love it! Now if only my kids would allow for that to happen. I think they might protest. ;)

Sanz @ From The Mrs. said...

How about entering a mini triathalon, embroidery, swimming, video making, cooking foods from other cultures?

You've got some great stuff going on. One of my goals this year is to finish my YW award too. :)

Brooke said...

I love those ideas! I don't know if I'm ready for a triathlon of any sort even of the mini variety. I would LOVE to do the video making. I even asked for a video camera of some sort for Christmas but got other things instead. All of which I wanted... we just couldn't do the camera also. I've actually added a couple of items to my list but haven't updated it on the blog yet. Guess I should get on that!