Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Latter-day Learning Review #2

This post contains affiliate links.  I was given a copy of Latter-day Learning Year 1 in exchange for honest reviews of the program.  I am not required to give positive reviews.  My family loves it which is why I DO give it rave reviews. 

Maybe you remember my last review of Latter-day Learning and how much we LOVE it! 

Well, some time has flown by since then and guess what.  We STILL love it! 

Years ago, when I started on this homeschooling journey, I never would have guessed that focusing on just one subject per day (in addition to math and language arts) would be sufficient.  I thought I would be recreating school at home.  Little did I know, at that time, that life itself is more of a real education than sitting in a classroom for hours on end. 

This curriculum fits right into our school of life plans.  It’s engaging and thoughtful with a real purpose.  With LDL you are able to perfectly integrate a gospel principle into each lesson.

I feel like I am learning right along with the kids, and we are having so much fun with it!  We are following the order of the recommended schedule, but not moving as quickly as recommended.  It’s just right for us.  There’s no better feeling than being able to move at the right pace for my family. 

Miss H has pretty much stuck with the younger kids recommendations for activities, while K is moving along nicely with the older kids activities.  Miss A still goes back and forth between wanting to play around with the essays and doing the simpler activities. 

If you are on the lookout for an LDS curriculum that integrates the gospel into the lessons, look no further; you can be sure this will fit the bill.  It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that I am giving my kids an education that is both spiritual and secular.  There is no better way to educate.     

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