Thursday, December 16, 2010


THIS.... showed up on our doorstep one night about a week and a half ago, hungry and freezing.  What was I supposed to do?  Yep, we fed her (we're 99% sure it's a her).  And now she's ours.  UGH!  I'm allergic but when the husband falls in love.... there's no turning back. 

The kids fell in love too, especially A.  She's a kitty lover to the max.  She's asked for one for years, then cries when she's reminded that Mommy is allergic.  Amazingly, I haven't had any problems with her.... yet.  But I'm also very careful to wash my hands after touching her.  She started out being called Stray but now we call her Sissy. 

Now, the question is, can Santa get away with not leaving a Furreal Friends Lulu My Cuddlin' Kitty Cat.  This is the second year she's asked for one.  She's not getting one but I'm hoping the real cat will make up for it.  She's getting a Lulu's Walkin' Kitty, though.  That's works, right?  She asked for that too. 

Now we just need to get Sissy used to her "big brother and sister" we call dogs.  That oughtta go well.  ;)  Only one run in so far.  Poor kitty!