Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blog Prompt Blog Hop #3 & a 90th Birthday

Thank you to all of you that have participated in the other two blog hops I’ve hosted.  Hopefully we’ll start getting more participants soon.  Don’t be shy, friends! 

Remember, link up to your actual post, not your main URL.  Also, please link to this blog hop so others might join in. 

You can do one, two or all three.  And hey, you can even do it in one, two, or three different posts!

This week’s prompts are:

  1. Talk about some memories you have of your grandparents (or a particular grandparent) growing up.

  2. What makes you laugh?

  3. Tell about any church callings or positions you’ve held.  Did you enjoy that/those callings? (Could be adapted for any religion.)


My plan is to do all three this week but we’ll see ;). 

For now, I’m going to talk about my sweet Grandma who just turned 90!  I have never been to a 90th birthday party.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I get to attend a 100th birthday party in 10 years.

I’m tellin’ you, my Grandma is like SuperWoman!  Her mind is sharp as a tack still and she even drives… still… at 90!  Does that weird anyone else out?  She only drives during the day but still.  That’s insane, no? 

I can only hope to age as gracefully as she has.  And to have a mind as keen as hers still is at her age would be such a blessing.

Just look at her.  She doesn’t look a day over 80 ;)

90th 1

{Ok, so I’m not photogenic, I swear I didn’t look that ridiculous.}

Some of my favorite memories include fun things I did with that side of the family growing up.  And there is a distinct smell that brings me back to those days at Grandma’s house.  I can’t really describe what the smell is, it’s not exactly a pleasant smell but it reminds me of Grandma’s house every time.  For that reason, I love it! 

Each grandchild was asked to contribute a tribute page on a standard size piece of paper for her birthday book.  Instead of writing a traditional letter, I chose to make a list of the my cherished memories with my grandma.  Not all of them relate directly to her but at least in some way, they tie back to time spent with her (and my grandpa who passed away several years ago) or at her home with cousins.

90th 3

These memories I will treasure for always.  It’s funny that so many of my memories have to do with food.  I like food, what more can I say? 



Now it’s your turn!






Kendra said...

I am with you on the 7-up and grape favorite thing to have at my grandmas! She lived to 98!

Brooke said...

Wow! I hope my grandma lives that long. It wouldn't surprise me, that's for sure. Another 8 years with her would be GREAT! It's so funny... my husband got 7-up with grape juice at his grandma's all the time too. I don't know why that was such a popular thing for grandma's to do.