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I am a member of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It is our belief that we are called to certain positions, within the organization of our church, by the Lord.  He calls us to where we need to be whether it be to help others or because we need to be there to learn something for ourselves. 

We are called to these positions after careful consideration and prayerful thought by our leaders.  There may be times that we are surprised by the positions we are asked to take on and in those instances we are certainly entitled to our own personal revelation.  Take for example my calling to be a Relief Society teacher.  Hi, I’m Brooke and I don’t teach women!!  I teach kids.  I’m comfortable with kids.  Let me teach kids!!

However, I was glad to accept this RS calling after fretting and stewing over what I thought I was going to be called to.  I knew of two positions that were opening up…. Achievement Days Leader (which I could handle) and Primary chorister.  THAT one I would definitely NOT handle well.  I don’t do music… even if it is in the Primary, with the kids.  I am not musically inclined in any way, shape or form.  The Relief Society teacher position was a surprise.  I was soooo nervous.  However, I knew the moment I was asked that it was right.  That’s where the Lord wants me right now.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why but I know that’s where I need to be.    

I believe that sometimes even the leaders themselves are a bit surprised at who the Lord wants in certain positions.  And sometimes, even if the leaders aren’t surprised, you wonder how in the world you might cope with a particular calling.  (Just FYI for those not of my faith, none of these positions are paid.) 

Let me paint the picture:

Anthony gets a call on his phone to go meet with a member of the Stake Presidency.  Leading up to the day when they would actually meet, I repeatedly asked Anthony over and over what he thought they might be calling him in for.  He was sure they were just going to release him from his Stake sports calling.  After all, if it had been a new calling, they would have called me in too.  That usually isn’t done on a ward level but we know from experience that when a Stake calling is given, they usually try to include the spouse to make sure he/she will be supportive of said calling. 

He went in that Thursday night and I anxiously waited for him to arrive home so he could tell me that they were relieving him of his sports duties. 

I knew as soon as I saw him through the window walking up to the house.  He had that look.  The look of bewilderment and overwhelming astonishment.  I think it is commonly referred to as ‘deer in the headlights’.  I knew it!!  He was being called to …..

I would wait for him to tell me.  Although it was still strange that they hadn’t called me in.  Hmm, no matter.  I was sure to hear the words “Elder’s Quorum Presidency” momentarily. 

Except that it wasn’t those words that I heard.  Instead, it was “Stake High Council”. 

Say What?!  

I thought he was kidding.  Surely not! That’s for old guys. I mean, we’re no spring chickens any more but we’re certainly not old!!  Besides, they would have called me in for sure for that, no doubt!  When I inquired about that he said that they realized it would be tough with the five kids. 

But no worries… so, he’ll be giving talks in other wards once in a while, no biggie.  That’s what I thought.  But I was quickly informed that it’s much more than that.  I still don’t know all the details but I know it’s a calling with quite the load of responsibilities. 

Speaking honestly, my first thought (once I realized it wasn’t a joke) was something along the lines of ‘What Yahoo would put a man, with five young kids (two of whom are VERY high maintenance) and an already frazzled wife, on the High Council?’

And I admit, I asked Anthony to seriously pray about this calling to find out if it truly was right.  He did, and it was.  I prayed as well and wasn’t completely comfortable with the whole thing until Sunday when he was sustained as a High Priest, ordained, and set apart for his new calling.  That’s when the Spirit testified to me that it truly was right and that the Lord really does want/need him in that position.

Sunday morning he had meetings.  He was gone for over three hours which left me to get all the kids ready on my own.  Normally, that is a task that would frustrate me to no end and be nearly impossible.  However, everything went quite smoothly.  I felt the Spirit in my home… on SUNDAY!  Sounds weird but I swear the adversary makes himself very well known here on many Sundays.  Not in a big way.  It just seems that on any given Sunday, there is a lot of bickering (amongst the kids) and whatnot going on.  And church itself seems like a daunting task so to think that Anthony will be away often at other wards or on other assignments is a little scary. 

His new calling is Stake High Councilman… Mine?  Survivor!  (and Relief Society Teacher ;))  ‘I WILL SURVIVE!!’  

Maybe it seems silly but I can already feel the Spirit stronger in my home.  Things seem to be running a lot smoother than normal and I feel like we are well on our way to receiving some much needed blessings.  I believe we are blessed when we accept and magnify our callings, whether it be Relief Society teacher, Primary teacher, Visiting Teacher, Bishop, Stake High Council,  Primary Chorister or anything else.  It doesn’t matter what the calling is, we will be blessed.  There truly is no calling within the Church that is more important than another.  Some may hold more responsibility than others but “God is no respecter of persons.” 

He only wants us to magnify whatever calling we have, no matter how small it may seem!

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Tristan said...

Oh Brooke, I understand to a small degree..LOL. My hubby has been the executive secretary for the last two bishoprics in a row (still there) and has meetings every Sunday before church beginning between 6 and 7am, so I get all 6 kids up and to church before 9am alone. During church he is often busy too. Then he has meetings after church twice a month too. He's been doing it for about 5 YEARS if I remember right, which means I've had 3 babies in that time, plus a miscarriage. I know this is a calling my hubby needed - he has grown SO much in several areas, and it has been a blessing to us. Still doesn't mean it's easy to remember that on a Sunday morning when trying to get everyone ready though..haha.

Can't picture High councilor - yikes! Praying for you as you all adjust!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh, good luck with your survivor mode. I'm not jealous. I bet it will go better than you thing...hopefully. And, you have my dream calling.

Emily said...

You will love teaching the sisters!! Get them involved in the lesson and it will be awesome!! Ya, and good luck with your husbands calling! The Lord has a funny sense of humor sometimes lol you guys will be awesome.

Kristin said...

I have to admit, I love my calling (same as you), but it is a bit nerve racking! I love what preparing for a lesson does for me.

We were happily surprised and fully supportive of Anthony and you when we heard his calling. (Whether or not you are spring chickens. ;) What a blessing! I'm sure you will be helped in your juggling the 5 kids on your own. :) You'll do great!

Cari said...

Oh, I feel your pain! I was called to be the primary president in our ward in KY. And if that wasn't stressful enough, two or three months later my husband was called to be the bishop! Of course I had to be released and serve in the RS presidency again (for the 3rd time in this ward), but we had two babies two and under and expanded to three kids three and under! Granted, that's not five- but it was still tough. Find some nice grandparents or teenagers to help out during church!

Kristen said...

LOL, been there. Just recently, thought I was being called to RS pianist and was instead called as 2nd couns in RS. Threw me for a loop.

Anyway, the reason I am here: I am taking over the Improve Challenge because Sheryl disappeared. I saw that you were on the list of participants and need to know if you want to still play along. Send me an email frugalantics (at) yahoo (dot) com if you want to be included. Hope to see you there!

Brooke said...

Your dream calling is RS teacher? I'm just glad I get to do it on the 4th Sunday so I get the GC talks. Those ones are easier than the manual, in my opinion.

Brooke said...

We really feel the blessing pouring in already. Now the issue is that we just don't know what his calling really entails. He hasn't really had much instruction or anything yet. He hasn't been assigned. All I know is that they told him that speaking in other wards is the 'easy part'. We'll see...

I might have to come to you for advice on staying sane ;)