Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rocket Boot Heaven

You might remember C’s Rocket Boots from this post.  He still calls them RockaBoops.  Well, the other day the boys and I headed to Target… again.  We go there quite often while the girls are at Liberty Girls.

While there we decided to take a gander at the ‘Rocket Boot aisle’. 

C was in Rocket Boot Heaven!!  Just look how happy he was! 

rocket boots

He kept pointing out all of his favorites to me.  Luckily, only one pair of his favorites was pink, or was it purple?  I don’t remember, I just know they were girl boots.  The rest were big boy Rocket Boots.  Unfortunately, we’re poor.  No new Rocket Boots that day. 

For now, he’ll continue sporting around the lovely, too big, absolutely charming, hot pink ones.  He doesn’t mind, although I’m positive he’d happily give them up for some awesome big boy ones.  That will make Anthony happy as well. 

Someday… Santa? 

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