Saturday, May 5, 2012

The One Where I Throw Anthony Under the Bus (according to him)

Anthony has a problem.  Well, we both do really but who wants admit that when you can just blame the spouse?  :) 

But seriously, Anthony’s problem is far worse (or maybe only slightly) than mine.  You see, we’re what you might refer to as ‘People Pleasers’.  We hate disappointing people which means that if we like you, we’ll probably say yes to just about anything you ask of us.  I mean, you know, so long as it’s not something immoral or something along those lines.  But no matter how many plans we already have or how jam packed our life be at any given moment, we’re bound to add something that stacks us too high and makes us topple. 

THAT makes us TERRIBLE friends.  In our minds we have it all planned out and everything is going to run just right so that everything can get done and everyone is happy! 

The  problem is that it just never works out.  Someone is always disappointed in the end and we’re left wondering what we could have done differently. 

Take this weekend for example.  Plans have been made for several weeks to have a game night with friends.  It’s been scheduled and rescheduled four times now. Tonight was THE night!  It was going to happen! 

Then we hear a few days ago that Anthony’s sister would be in town (for only two days) this weekend.  Alright, great!  We’ll visit her on Friday, games will still be going on Saturday (after a gazillion other things, of course).  It was a perfect plan. 

Anthony’s sister called Thursday to see if we would be visiting on Friday when she got in.  Yep, plans were made.  Not even five minutes later (not an exaggeration) Anthony gets a call from some friends of ours who are in town and want to get together… Friday night!  He comes in from grilling dinner and says, “Kev and Tiff want us to go do something with them tomorrow night.  Meet at a park or something.”

I say, “Oh, did you tell them we already had plans?”

“No, I figured we could make it work.”

Umm, HELLO!! 

Silly man!  So we finagle it so that we would meet up with them Friday night and visit his sister Saturday afternoon, after dance pictures, library, an afternoon run (for Anthony) AND trying to clean the house… then come home in time for games. 

Shah… right!  And monkeys are gonna come flyin’ outta my butt!

Anyway, long story short, I texted Anthony in my overwhelmed state trying to figure out how to fit it all in and told him I was kind of freaking out.  He cancelled with our friends (easier to have told them sorry in the first place, and made plans for next time) and we went to visit his sister.  As we left we told her we wouldn’t see her again while she was here…

She was not happy!  Not mad, just sad. 

She’s only here for those two days and we bail on her.  Guess what… cancelled game night.  UGH! 

No matter how hard we try, we just can’t please everyone.  Was it the right thing to do?  Who knows!  I’m all kinds of confused. 

**FYI:  No monkeys were actually flying during the duration of this post… and certainly not flying out of anyone’s rear end. 


Emily Buck said...

Ugh! I dislike this! Sometimes I feel the same way. Trying to get too many things in ONE weekend. Where the weekend before and after and WIDE. OPENED. Isn't it silly how it works!? Oh well, can't please everyone. And I feel that if it's stressful, too stressful, it's ok to cancel. It's not your fault you made plans with friends and then had short notice from a family member was coming in town. Sorry. Hope the rest of the weekend goes smoothly!

Cari said...

That's why men should NEVER be involved with setting things up ;)

Briana said...

I feel the same way, especially with last minute plans. I am always like, "Hello, we have been out all day and have things to do around the house." Then, hubs says, "Yeah, but if we don't go, they may stop asking us to get together." Argh!