Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yes, I fell off the face of the earth, but I’m back!

Being pregnant is hard work!  If you don’t believe me, just ask me… I’ll tell you. 

No, I don’t get sick.  Don’t hate me! 

I definitely make up for it in sleepiness, exhaustion, hip pain, anemia, pelvic pain, heartburn…..

… and EGG BURPS!  (This is by far Anthony’s least favorite symptom.  He is always the recipient of the smell.  At least he doesn’t have to TASTE it like I do… Sheesh!)

Oh, and the weight gain thing.  None of the aforementioned symptoms have hit yet, with the exception of the sleepiness/exhaustion.  And maybe a little heartburn.  But trust me, they’re coming. 

But really, I’m not here to whine.  I’m simply stating my reasons for falling off the planet.  I’m just so tired!!

And now for a complete change of subject… are you with me?


My ward put on a wonderful musical program of Women at the Well last week.  K and A were asked to be a part of it because they are in Achievement Days.  They sang a song with the Young Women and also recited the YW theme.  I just have to say that I had no clue we had so many musically talented people in our ward!  It was absolutely wonderful and spiritually uplifting. 

And now let me just say… We’re in trouble!! 

Look at these beautiful girls!  We’re going to be beating those boys off with a stick.  Biased?  Nah!  Not at all. 



Women at the Well

And now for another complete change of subject… still with me?


Anthony ran his first marathon of the year this past Saturday.  He was hoping to make it in 3 1/2 hours so we (the kids, my mom, and I) were early to see him cross the finish line.  We got there at about 3 hours.  We waited, and waited….

and WAITED!  He finally crossed just after 4 hours. 

I kind of expected him to take a little longer than he had hoped because his right calf has been giving him issues recently.  And just as I suspected, he had backed off around mile 12 because his calf started tightening up.  K was able to run across the finish line with him.  She thought that was pretty neat.

He’s really hoping to qualify for Boston this year so we’ll see what happens.  Not that we could ever afford to make it to Boston but I guess just knowing that you qualified is enough.  It’ll have to be. 

And Anthony’s sister… she came across the finish line at just under 5 hours. 

A marathon at all is a feat to be proud of no matter what your time is!  Every time they run one a teeny tiny part of me thinks that it would fun to try someday. 

Fun!  Ha!  That’s funny, no?

And then I see how they’re walking around after (like they’ve been riding a horse for three days straight) and I come back to my senses. 

That teeny tiny part of me is kicked to curb in no time at all!  Anthony was hobbling around for 3 days.  No thank you!   




Kortney said...

So... Let's just say Anthony qualified for Boston! Don't you just think it's wonderful that you have a Sister that works for an Airline!! :)
Yes, your kids are all beautiful!

Cari said...

That's dang fast for his first marathon! Awesome! My husband just ran the boston in Afghanistan- they let all the soldiers run without qualifying! I hobbled around for 3 weeks straight- but you really learn something through the experience you can't learn any other way. Kind of like childbirth- it's a miserable painful experience but you look at things differently from then on. Hope you get your energy back soon! I'm the same way- no sickness, just exhaustion.

Annisha said...

Great babbling, Brooke! I enjoyed catching up with you. Congratulations and good luck! May your egg burps be mild this time...

Briana said...

Oh, my goodness! Congratulations! I was just thinking to myself - I haven't read anything from Brooke lately. I have been playing catch-up for a month after going on a trip to Chicago, and then I realized I lost you with the GFC changes and wasn't subscribed anymore. Well, I am now! I'm so happy for you guys!