Friday, April 13, 2012

And Baby Makes 6

Big Brother

It’s true!  Anthony and I are expecting… again.  And B is going to be a big brother!  It’s probably not much of a surprise to anyone and certainly not ‘NEWS’ at number 6 but we’re excited and can’t wait to add a new little ray of sunshine to our growing family. 

Never in a million years (several years ago) would I have guessed that I would someday be the mother of six little munchkins.  This is the girl who was, first and foremost, never going to have my own kids… I’ll adopt!  Why go through the pain?  and second, Six kids?  That’s insane?  Three kids, maybe four… MAX! 

Umm, well, you can see how well that’s going for us ;)

It seems that at number three was when we were considered ‘perfect’.  No one questioned the ‘why’ of that many kids and everyone oohed and ahhed over what a cute little family we were.  And then at number four we were somewhat FREAKISH!!  That is when people started to count us when we walked into a restaurant or a grocery store or just about anywhere.  And we got ‘the looks’. 

At five is when people really started think we were weirdies!  The counting continues and now we get the awestruck question, “Are they all yours?”  When I answer yes, the usual response is one of two things, “Wow!  You’re brave!” (got that one twice in a 10 minute span a couple months ago) or “You must be really patient,” to which I give a hearty giggle and shrug.  If they only knew that patience is one of my weakest of weak points :/  A work in progress to be sure!

I can only imagine the looks and comments we will get at six. 

Now the question is… How did we get here?  Well, besides the obvious ;)

Anthony was completely on board with the idea of 3 or 4 kids.  We had number three… a third girl, and of course we had to try again for a boy.  At this point I had asked Anthony what he would think if I told him that I might want to have six kids.  His exact words:  I would have six kids if you could guarantee me that the next three would be boys. 

Luckily, number four proved to be the winner for getting a boy.  We totally could have been done!  But it just didn’t feel right.  I’ve always heard that a mom just knows when she’s done and I didn’t have that yet.  It just wasn’t there.  Besides, little C now needed a brother!  Maybe we’d get lucky and have a second boy… (not likely if Anthony had followed in his dad’s footsteps… Anthony is the only boy… of EIGHT kids, and he didn’t come along until number SIX!) 

But TADA!!  We got our second boy!  We’re 2 for 2 on the next three.  However, Anthony is now eating his words and kind of hoping for another girl this go around. 


Love them to death but holy cow, I can’t keep up!

The picture at the top of the post is how we told our families.  I got the idea from my friend, LeShel, who just recently announced her pregnancy (also #6!) and that’s how she told her kids.  I thought it was an adorable way to do it. 

On our way to my FIL’s birthday party earlier in the week, we stopped by the hospital gift shop and grabbed the t-shirt.  I held it up for the kids to see and asked what they thought of B’s new shirt.  The girls all laughed and I asked why it was so funny.  A said, “Because he’s the little brother!”  Then I asked if they thought it meant anything.  A and H were clueless at first but K’s facial expression quickly went from a grin to a serious, thoughtful look as she half whispered, “Are you… pregnant?” 

When we told them I was, there were several squeals of delight.  I asked them if they were excited or scared to have a new brother or sister.  All the girls claimed excitement while C calmly sat in his carseat and said in a monotone voice, “I’m scared.” 

We all laughed!  I’ve since tried to explain the concept of a baby growing in mommy’s tummy to him but he keeps asking, “Did you eat that baby?”  Funny kid!

Oh, but anyway, once we got to the party, my SIL was the first to notice and it was right away.  She looked at his shirt, looked closer and said, “Wait, that’s not true is it?”  When we told them it was true my MIL claimed that she had known already.  She always knows!  She’s got a sixth sense about these things, I swear.

My family was out of town and I was impatient so instead of waiting for them to come home and doing the same thing for them, I took the picture you see at the top with my phone and sent it to them without any explanation.  They were quick to figure it out, obviously.

I’ve already had my first appointment and know my due date but all that is coming in a future post very soon.   


LeShel said...

Congrats on taking this crazy journey. I love your excitement! Maybe, I'll read enough of your posts I won't be so freaked out. :)
Too bad we're not closer in proximity, we could get our boys together to play! (i figure i'm getting another boy... it's all good)

Tiffany said...

Brooke! Congrats! We are so excited for you guys! As I side note, Kevin wants to know if Anthony is just trying to build his own football team...Miss you guys!

Julie P said...

Congratulations! Isn't it funny when we don't end up living the lives we imagined years ago? And SO wonderful, too?

Cari said...

That's a cute way to announce it! Congrats!!!