Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lots to catch up on

It’s been like forever!  An entire eight days!?!  So unlike me but I’ve got a good excuse.  We’ve been sick! 

It all started last Tuesday when A started running a fever.  My mom kept her and K for sewing lessons while I took the boys to meet up with Cari again (after dropping H off at Liberty Girls) and she took some fabulous pics of us!  I needed an updated pic for my blog and honestly I didn’t look picture worthy that day.  Not that I ever really do, I’m really not very photogenic (unlike my sister who can’t take a bad picture to save her life!), plus I was running late that day.  It was hectic.

But somehow, Cari managed to take fabulous pictures of a not-so-fabulous subject (that would be me) and I must say, I’ve never looked better!  ;)  Admittedly, there was a bit of photoshopping going on but Cari insists it wasn’t much.  I’d love to take her word for it but seriously, there had to be a LOT to fix!  Honesty is always the best policy.  (Now I just need to get the pics on my sidebar.  Tomorrow’s project.)


I didn’t realize that she was going to snap a few of the boys also.  I’m sure it was mentioned somewhere in our emailed conversation back and forth but somehow I missed it.  So, they were both covered in lunch remnants and crumbs (face and clothes), hair was anything but done and they both needed to be bathed.  Oh, and C’s ‘outfit’, if you want to call it that, was absolutely stunningly picture worthy… NOT!  He was wearing a plain red t-shirt, a black/red/white crocheted beanie, and a tie that he found on our way out and refused to remove. 

And yet, somehow, Cari was able to make him look absolutely adorable!  It’s totally him.


B just had a snot face and lunch was dried all over his face and shirt.  But cute as can be… as always.


And after that day, it was all downhill.  We all took our turn with whatever this virus is going through our house.  Fevers, chills, croup, congestion, achiness, loss of appetite, tummy aches… it’s been fun!  It’s still not over either.  As of right now, A is just finishing up with croup, I’m still congested, and C and H are still running fevers. 

Oh, but we celebrated yet another birthday at the end of March… Anthony’s.  See, each of us girls selfishly claimed our own month for our birthdays but the boys all share.  I think it’s funny.

Come to think of it, Anthony never even got a cake.  Hmm, well that’s sad.  I better fix that.

This past weekend was conference and I loooved every second of it!  Did you?  I always think that there’s no way the current conference could ever top, or even match the last one that we had six months before. 

I’m wrong… every time.  None of them are better than the others but somehow the messages reflect exactly what I need at that time.  Love that! 

Sunday was April Fool’s Day, as I’m sure you were well aware.  I have to admit that I don’t love that holiday.  Probably because I’m no good at pulling off pranks, I’m a terrible liar, and I can’t keep a secret to save my life! 

K was able to pull off a couple good ones though.  The best was when she taped the kitchen sink sprayer hose.  She made it so it would spray when the water turned on.  Both Anthony and I were the recipients of that one at different times.  And you can’t get mad on April Fool’s Day.  You just can’t. 

And now we’re just trying to get better.  And start blogging again. 

Because 8 days is way too long. 

The end.

How was your week?



Cari said...

So sorry you've all been sick! That's no fun at all! We've lucked out (knock on wood) and haven't been sick since our trip to Texas, although we were sick nonstop before that. I hope you all get over it soon!

Kortney said...

Well thank you for the compliment. I just need to refresh your memory that you and I look a lot a like and with that said, you are also very photogenic.
P.S. I have MANY bad pictures, they just don't make it onto the interweb! LOL
P.S.S. Sorry if I got your kidlets sick! :(

Dana said...

Love the tie on C. B's smile is precious.