Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Smash Books

The first time I ever heard of Smash Books was on Pinterest.  One of the gals that I follow has a whole board dedicated to them so they kept popping up on my… ‘feed’?  Is that what we call them? 

Anyway, it looked like a whole bunch of miscellaneous papers, thoughts, pics, lists… pretty much whatever you wanted.  So, I had an idea…

My kids collect garbage!  To them it’s not garbage, more like treasures.  They get upset when I call it anything that sounds ‘trashy’.  Excuse the pun. 

They get little papers from church with thoughts and quotes on them (not what I consider garbage, it just gets cluttered), notes and letters from friends and cousins, and sometimes they like to save things like candy wrappers.  Why?  I know not.  They just do.  But I get tired of finding the trash all. over. the. house! 

Enter, the Smash Book!

Each child was presented with one of these sketch books.  ($3.?? at Wal-Mart – I don’t remember the exact amount.)

smashbook 1

And now they can smash whatever garbagy treasures they want into their own personal smash book and I don’t have to find it everywhere.  My kids have smashed everything from church quotes and calendar pictures to lists of things they desire for their future and candy wrappers.  And there’s always room for more because they’re supposed to look cluttered. 

smash 2

Gotta love it! 

smash 4


Cari said...

I love this idea! My kids try to hoard everything too and I am constantly throwing away behind their back. They will have fun with this!

Tammie said...

Love this idea! I'm on Pinterest all the time and never seen this! My son collects "treasures" and also does his own drawings and homemade football cards. What a great way for him to "collect" it all in one spot instead of all over the house & floors!

Maria said...

This is a great idea, I just came up with too! LOL
I plan to make one for my DD, and if it works - two more for my DS1 and DS2. :D

Christine said...

Good idea.