Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back to School Healthy Eating Campaign

Last week while going through my emails I ran across an email from Tillamook… as in the CHEESE!  I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure they have the best cheese around.  There are some close seconds but if I had to choose a winner, Tillamook takes the cake.  Or the cheese? 

They are doing a Back to School Campaign to promote kids eating healthy.  It’s so easy to have certain junk foods on hand for after school snacks or to stick in their school lunches but what about the healthy stuff?  Are we, as parents, doing all we can to make sure our children get the best nutrition possible?  I’m not saying we should NEVER allow our kids the sugary, sweet stuff they enjoy but maybe just limit it to special occasions.  Keep the treats as an actual treat… not the norm. 

Tillamook is trying to get the word out there that eating healthy can be fun and delicious as well as trying to help feed the hungry.  If you have a great recipe or tip for healthy eating, they would love for you to submit it to them (by the 14th of September) and for each tip or recipe that is submitted, Tillamook will donate $10 to Feeding America.  Plus you’ll be entered to win a backpack full of goodies!!  I received one this week and let me tell you… it is well worth winning!!  

One way that I have found that helps my kids (even the older ones) eat more healthy foods is to cut it into smaller chunks.  Why does this work?  I know not… the cuteness of the chunks, maybe?  Another thing that makes it even MORE fun is to eat the chunks with a toothpick.  Something different from the ordinary fork.  Changing things up a little sometimes makes all the difference in the world.

Bite Sized

But wait, there’s even more… Tillamook is offering a 15% through this Saturday, the 14th!  Just head on over to the Tillamook Shop and use code BACKTOSCHOOL to get the discount.   

Bite Sized 1

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