Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pictures, Marathon, Friends…WOW!

**WARNING:  High volume of pictures… and a video… but first there’s a whole lot of babbling!  Warned again.

It was one of those weekends!  Jam-packed and so much fun… yet so much drama! 

First off, I took the kids to get their pictures taken.  My mother-in-law had given each grandchild $50 for the new school year.  Since we homeschool and we don’t get the traditional school pics every year I decided to have some taken. 

That was an adventure!!  I was worried about doing it by myself with the boys… Anthony had to work.  When I had first mentioned having pics taken to C he asked if they would give him a shot. 

I opted not to tell him that pictures are sometimes called ‘shots’…

He was satisfied at ‘no’.  So, that morning we gathered up a few personal items to take with us for the shoot.  Each child brought something meaningful to them.  For C I chose to bring Anthony’s cowboy hat and boots since C is always wanting to wear them.  We brought B’s Utah jersey, a football, and Anthony’s UTE helmet because seriously, the kid LOVES football!  And he’s got a pretty great cheer for the Utes! 

The girls brought their own things; American girl dolls for K, gymnastics outfit and doll for A, and a stuffed Goofy for H. 

The photo session went remarkably well!  Boy was I glad for that!  The boys cooperated and thought it was so funny when the lady did her shenanigans to get them to smile. 

Shenanigans… don’t you just love that word?

Anyhow, then of course there was “The Sale”.  UGH!  How I hate that part!  She had to explain to me every stinkin’ package and show me every stinkin’ special effect they could do with the photos.  I told her I was very limited in my funds.  I wanted the $3.99 per sheet deal and I was NOT going to go over $50 total! 

She didn’t care… she still went on and on about how great this package would be and that effect would be.  I didn’t physically roll my eyes but in my mind my eyes were rolling all over the place.  I knew what I wanted already!

Meanwhile, the boys were getting extremely restless so I sent K to the front of the store (Target) to buy a pack of M&M’s for each of them.  But of course the rest of the kids can’t possibly sit patiently next to me and wait… Oh no, they had to go with her. 

She came back… leaving the rest of them at the checkout to ask if the M&M pack was the right size.  Like I care what size!  Just get the M&M’s and get back here!  Silly goose.  They finally come back, eat their M&M’s, lady is still going on and on, and the boys are out of control.  K was kind enough to follow them around for a few minutes and then….

Here she comes, crying… with a fan thing stuck in her hair!  NICE!  It just doesn’t get any better.  C had got this little candy fan stuck in her hair while trying to show it to her.  We had to cut it out.  Never a dull moment!

And the lady STILL went on.

I was finally able to order what I wanted (didn’t go over the $50, hooray!) and we left.  PHEW!  Got that one out of the way.

Can’t wait to pick up my pictures tomorrow.

Now let’s talk friends… and a marathon.

Friday Anthony took the day off because we were going to Logan for a marathon on Saturday.  Lucky for us we have some friends that live there.  Even better is the fact that they live ON the route itself!  The very end of the route which means no driving for me in a town I know next to nothing about. 

It isn’t often that we are invited to stay at someone’s house.  I mean, really… we are a big deal!  And I don’t mean in the sense that we are really cool.  More like we are hard to take on.  We are very rarely even invited to someone’s home for an evening, let alone overnight! 

So when Kevin and Tiffany were generous enough to invite us to stay, along with some other friends of ours (that Kevin and Tiffany don’t even know), we were forever grateful.  They are seriously the coolest people ever!  Unfortunately, I got pictures of all the kids and all the husbands but not a single one of the wives.  WHAT WAS I THINKING??  This is a highly sophisticated one of Kevin.


C and their little boy were instant friends despite the fact that it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen them.  We met at the Brigham City open house before heading to Logan.  C and their little guy held hands for much of the tour.  I had originally planned on staying in the car with the boys thinking they would be asleep by then from the ride.  After all, it WAS nap time.  So, I wasn’t dressed in my Sunday clothes.  The boys were not asleep and they were not happy about staying in the car. 

We all went in… jeans and all.  I’m such a heathen! 

The temple was beautiful and C made sure to introduce himself to every usher we came across.  “I’m C!” 

Some of them were really cute about it and others just wanted to hurry him along.  I was shocked that both he and B did so well.  The last temple open house we tried was a bit chaotic with them.  My little boys are growing up! 

Oh wait… these are the same boys that ran around Target like mad men.

Anyway, after leaving the temple it was off to Logan. 

Tiffany immediately set to work making a spaghetti dinner.  Homemade sauce, breadsticks, salad, the works!  By the time it was ready, our other friends had just arrived.  He was also running the marathon.  They had a babysitter for their little ones.


Kevin and Tiffany insisted on serving us which I felt a little odd about.  So we sat… and as she brought the pot of spaghetti in she ‘TRIPPED’!  **GASP!**  She told A that she had tripped her and the food had spilled all over the table.  A’s face was beet red and I couldn’t help but laugh.  It’s like when someone falls and you immediately laugh but you don’t know yet if they’re hurt… like that. 

Then Tiffany said she might as well finish it off and dumped the rest on the table.  We were all laughing but not really knowing whether we should be.  Then Kevin reached over for the bowl of spaghetti in front of Anthony (minus the meat) and dumped it out, too! 

And then it all made sense… there were forks on the table but no plates.  It was all done on purpose. 

I SO WANNA TRY IT!  Who can I try it on?  I guess if you’re reading this I won’t be trying it on you ;)

Spaghetti Dinner

We all gathered our portions in front of us and chowed down.  So fun!

The kids had fun playing before and after dinner as well. 

A Jumping

B Helmet

B in Goggles

C in goggles

H Jumping

Little K and C

Little K

Sleep was much better than the last time we were away from home.

And Saturday was the marathon!  Anthony had taught me how to track him on Endomondo so I would know when to take the kids to the top of the street to watch for him.  That was about mile 24. 

It still weirds me out to think that people run that far… for ‘FUN’!  Really?  Is it really ‘fun’?  To each his own…

That 24 mile mark is also a water station so the K was all about helping any way she could.  That is until Anthony came by.  She planned to run the last couple of miles with him. 

K at drinks

H helped by handing out fruit. 

The other kids just played and waited. 

B waiting


Then C realized what K was doing and wanted to join in as well.  I am so bummed that the video didn’t capture the cutest part.  Just after it rang (stupid 800 number!) and shut the recording off, a guy grabbed the water from C, thanked him, and C turned around and yelled, “You’re welcome!”  Then he walked up to me and said, “That guy said thank you, Mom!”  It was priceless.

Water Boy 2 

Water Boy

The 800 number people couldn’t have waited another 30 seconds… REALLY?  GRR!

There were lots of interesting runners.  Like the barefoot guy and the blue hair guy. 

barefoot runner

Blue Hair Runner

Finally, Anthony came by.  He surprised C and took a cup of water from him and ran off.  K was off as well. 

high five

Anthony and C

And that’s when we had a meltdown.

C's fit

Apparently C thought he would be able to run with Anthony when he came by also.  Instead we had to head the other way to get to the finish line.  Anthony and K crossed and we were waiting for Nate.


K finishing

C with Dad

That’s when C decided he was hungry.  He ordered a hot dog.  Unfortunately for him I hadn’t brought any cash with me at all.  My purse was at Kevin and Tiffany’s house.  So he just stood there with hunger in his eyes.  The lady finally gave him a pack of Starburst.  Anthony apologized for not having anything to pay with.


Nate crossed, we took pics, went to The Pizza Pie Café (gotta try it if you haven’t!), then headed home… TO THE UTAH VS. BYU GAME! 

Kevin and B

Anthony and Nate

More about that in another post.  I’m pooped!   




Tiffany said...

Love all the pictures! And it's ok with me that I'm not in them ;) We had a blast with you guys! Thanks for coming!

Cari said...

That's a pretty dang funny spaghetti trick, I would have freaked out ;) Top of Utah was my first (and only) marathon- that downhill is brutal- but it looks like he had good weather- it rained and hailed the entire time on us and we almost got struck by lightning... Hope your pics turned out good- sorry I had to leave so quickly and never got any done for you!