Friday, September 7, 2012

Kids Gettin’ Their Craft On: TP Roll Bracelets

You know those hot summer days when the kids are just bored out of their minds and there’s absolutely ‘nothing’ to do? 

Yeah, we have those too.  Never mind the fact that we have toys coming out our ears and books that have yet to be read.  Those things just won’t do on ‘boring’ days such as the one we had a couple weeks ago.  Of course those days are over now (crossing fingers) that school is back in session and we are getting our homeschool groove on.  Ok, maybe only in a perfect world…

But a couple weeks ago, K and her friend found something to do on just such a boring summer day.  It was a miracle!  I didn’t even have to help them think of it.  They just asked if they could have some toilet paper rolls (that I’ve been saving for another project) and some yarn.

TP roll bracelets 

Sure!!  Why not? 

And this is what they came up with….. 

All they did was cut the TP roll in half to make two bracelets, snipped one side all the way down the middle to create the opening, then put a light layer of glue on the outside and wrap the yarn around.  Does it get any simpler?  I dare say not! 

TP roll bracelets 1

Once it’s done, simply put it on your arm like a cuff. 

Aren’t they cute?  Creativity at it’s finest! 

TP roll bracelets 2

**Note:  The only problem they ran into was that K flattened her TP roll out too much as she glued which made it difficult for it to stay on when it was done.  Keep it rounded as much as possible. 

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