Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Can I miss what once was and still be happy for what is? Is that an oxymoron?

When I look at these pictures I already miss the little butterball in them.

Bath 1

Miss him because I know these moments are fleeting.  Before I know it he’ll be running around with his brothers, causing trouble. 

Not the bad kind… just the boy kind. 

And I’ll miss the moments that he would fall asleep in my arms and smile whenever I talk to him.

But for now I’ll just smile.  I choose not to be sad. 

Right now is the time to enjoy the fleeting moments. 

Enjoy the fact that he still fits into the bathroom sink for a bath… barely.


And I’m going to cherish every middle of the night feeding that we share.  They’re already few now but I enjoy the ones we still have. 

I choose to be glad for where we are now though I miss where we were even just a few short months ago. 

It’s crazy to me how quickly time flies by.  I can’t stop it but I can enjoy them as they zoom by.

What are you missing and enjoying right now?




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Cari said...

I love chubby babies! He is so dang cute! My little one is no longer looking like a newborn and I'm already missing her being little. Glad you got the comments working!

Kendra said...

OK you teared me up on that one. I am having all those same feelings about my little one. crazy how fast they grow.