Thursday, May 16, 2013

Here We Go Again

Look at this face…


Yep, he’s a cutie but do you also see the smirk?  He’s three now which means he’s growing horns.  Maybe you remember another little somebody being a troublesome 3-year-old.  (Read some of the older stories found here.) 

Oh three… why must you be soooo long!!  A whole year is just too much!  And yet, I LOVE that age just as much as I loathe it. 

They are so darn cute and say the darndest things. 

His favorite thing to do recently is to pretend to be different people.  Grandpa W. (my grandpa), Papu (my dad), Pops (Anthony’s dad), John (our friend/neighbor), or Dad (Anthony).  And of course each person comes equipped with props. 

Grandpa W. – ‘toy car’ (a little off road car thing that I don’t know the real name of.  He comes and gives the kids rides in it once in a while.)

Papu – Pepsi.  B will grab a cup of water or milk and pretend it’s Pepsi.  Papu always has Pepsi…. always!

Pops – bike.  Anthony’s dad is a bicyclist.  The real deal spandex, bikes that cost more than you knew a bike could, ride from Logan to Jackson Hole (Lotoja) kind of bicyclist. 

John – boat.  John owns a boat and takes us out in it once in a while.  Anthony goes with him often every summer.

Dad – could be anything.  It might be a tool or a flashlight.  Or something completely random.

Goodness sakes!  I sure do know how to get off track. 

The real reason for this post was to tell about something that happened at dance the other day.

So, there we were.  Typical Monday at dance except that more little ones showed up than normal because they were doing pictures right after.  They were all playing in the toy room. 

The toy room that’s connected to the bathroom. 

I went back to check on them only to find 5 little ones in the bathroom with plastic cups dipping them into the toilet and dumping it back in.  EW!! 

I promptly freaked out and told them to throw the cups away.  Then I proceeded to make my boys wash their hands in the sink. 

Pictures got done and we were just about to leave.  Several people had already left.  Then one mom comes into the waiting area frantically trying to get to the other bathroom yelling, “We need a plunger!  The toilet is flooding.  There is water everywhere!”

According to her son, his ‘best friend’ (that would be B) flushed a plastic cup down. 

Not a moment later we see water coming from under the wall into the waiting area.  Myself and another mom ran in to see how bad it was.  This other mom has older kids NOT involved in the incident and yet she was the first one to jump in head first and start taking care of business. 

(She’s the one with the daughter that got her butt slapped by my little C.  When I told him he needed to apologize because that wasn’t appropriate he responded with, “But why?  Daddy does it!”  Nice!!  Anthony got a stern talking to about that one! ;))

I was so grateful that she was willing to get it taken care of.  She threw her shoes off and just started scooping water up with a dustpan and throwing it into the toilet.  I started mopping and ringing out the water every half a second.  There was literally at least an inch of water on the ground. 

The boys and I had a ‘chat’ when we got home.  A chat that stuck with them for all of maybe 10 minutes for C and didn’t even register for B.  He just laughed at me.  I don’t know what to do with that kid!   

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