Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother’s Day

What a fabulous holiday Mother’s Day is.  I love it! 

Father’s Day isn’t nearly as much fun.

It could be the fact that I love having an excuse to sleep in, have breakfast made for me, receive adorable homemade gifts from my kiddos, and not having to change any poopy diapers (pass if off to Dad!). 

All of which happened. 

The kids and Anthony woke up early to make breakfast for both myself and my mom.  Dinner was taking place at Anthony’s mom’s house so my mom got breakfast.  Pancakes, hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, orange juice, chocolate milk, and real maple syrup! 

We didn’t make it to Sacrament Meeting at church due to breakfast running a little longer than we thought but we weren’t worried.  The girls were sure the primary wasn’t singing.  They hadn’t practiced anything. 

They sang… and we missed it.  Since my kids are pretty much half the primary there were very few kids to sing. 

UGH!  The girls and I were ready on time, too!  I should have left with them and let Anthony deal with the boys.  I love seeing them up there on the stand singing.  C still refuses to do it.  But he’s still very willing to bear his testimony on fast Sundays.  Go figure. 

It was a great day!  I got some sweet cards from the girls, H gave me a Kit Kat, a flower made out of handprints from C, a bookmark from K, and some fun banners from all the kids.  Those were for my Mom also.

Mother's Day 4

Mother's Day 5

It was a really great day!  Next up… Father’s Day.  That’s the day I get all the poopy diapers. 

But I choose not to think about that.   

Mother's Day 6

Mother's Day 7


And this is what Baby Munch gave me… an adorable picture of himself.  Oh how I love that baby boy!

Mother's Day 8

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