Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Anthony’s Love Letter

Anthony wrote a few essays during our year of Pathway as well.  I’ll be posting them over the next little while.  I think he’s really good. 

Here’s his Love Letter:


Dear Antz,

The days have been long and lonely without you. I remember the mornings we shared, the wind, the rain, the hot asphalt, and even the snow. You were always there, left and right. I have moved on, with a heavy heart. I miss you. I wish I could have you back. You and I are a perfect fit. At night I need your glowing outer shell. Running at night without you is scary. I need to be seen, you made that possible. Why did I let you go, why?

I remember the day we met, my eyes sparkled as they looked deep into your electric green skin. I picked you to my exact specs, yet I had no idea I would love you so much. I gave you life and now I realize you gave it to me.

Sorrow now fills my heart as I pound the pavement. I am reminded of you with every new blister, every ache, and every plain shoes I cross. At times I wonder why I run on without you, will I ever replace you? Is there another pair as light, as comfortable, as flashy, and as durable? This I cannot answer. I will tell you this, I love you! Why you ask? It’s your looks, it’s your smell, and it’s the pattern on your bottoms. When I’m with you I feel every rock on the trail, you excite my legs, and I love how you gently cradle me on long runs.

We have been through so much, 1,200 plus miles to be exact. Now you rest on my dresser, a trophy for me, and a light to all. May you rest in peace my Nike Free Runs, named “Antz”.




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