Thursday, October 28, 2010

the first snow

One thing I absolutely love about homeschooling, besides the fact that I don't have to wake up early and try to get 5 kids out the door on time to take 3 of them to the school, is that my kids don't miss out on getting excited about things such as the first snow of the season. Do you remember those days? I remember waking up when it would snow for the first time. I would be so excited to play in it.... after school. The problem is, by the time I would get home, all the snow had melted. We would always have to wait until later in the season when it was colder and the snow would stay on the ground.

Just two days ago, my kids got to experience the first snow of the season. All the neighbor kids were at school. My three girls got dressed in their coats, hats and gloves and excitedly ran out the door to make a Mickey Mouse snowman.
**2 of my 3 girls. The one not pictured actually helped build it too but got in trouble (for lying) before I took a pic.**

So what that we got started with our school work a little later than usual. It made made me happy that they were so excited to experience the snow again after the long hiatus. And sure enough, just a couple hours later, all the snow was gone.

Being able to snuggle in our warm beds just a pinch longer than normal on these cold fall/winter mornings is yet another item to add to the ever growing list of reasons to love homeschooling. There's no rush to get up and get going. It's a comfortable atmosphere. I just love it. :)

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A Bunch of Roaches said...

Very fun! I'm glad they got to play in the snow. You are much braver than I am to do the homeschooling. :)