Thursday, October 28, 2010

Latter-Day Homeschooling

Ok, I have a new favorite obsession! This website... Latter-Day Homeschooling. I have been clicking on all the links on this site. So much to learn. I find it fascinating to read about other homeschooling families. We're all so different!

Growing up, and honestly until my oldest was about to enter Kindergarten, I was of the mentality that only weirdies homeschooled. You know the ones.... the ones. But sending my sweet little girl to a such a big, strange environment at such a young age just felt wrong. What would she do if she was picked on? Who would comfort her when she was sad? Who would stand up for her when others tried to pin her in a corner? That's my job. No one else can do it right. I need to be her soft place to land. She's not ready to be thrown to the wolves. I need to give her wings first so she can fly.

She was disappointed at first, she wouldn't get to ride the bus. Once I explained that she wouldn't get to ride the bus anyway (the school is right down the street), she was fine with it. We've still got a long way to go. I don't have all the curriculum I want/need yet, but we're making due with what we've got. And it's been so fun to watch her grow. Not just her, all of them (I do have 5, I promise). I love that they all LOVE to read and be read to. All I ever hear from their friends is how much they hate reading. It warms my heart to see them reading to each other and having so much fun with it.

What a blessing it is to be home with them. I couldn't ask for anything more.

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A Bunch of Roaches said...

I'm glad you found a fun website for homeschooling. I have a bunch of friends who homeschool. I think you are all brave, but I admire you. That's funny about the bus. That is how I got Garrett to go to school cause he got to ride the bus, so then he was fine. :)