Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Slaughter

Halloween kind of came and went this year without me even noticing really. Obviously, I saw all the costumes in the stores, the kids changing their minds every day about what they would dress up as, and the candy everywhere but for some reason, I just couldn't get into it this year. Our annual Halloween Party with Anthony's side of the family usually sets the tone for me but this year it was kind of half-hearted. We combined birthdays and Halloween together. But here are the details of our pumpkin carving for the year. Or, as we call it, The Great Pumpkin Slaughter!

Well, apparently, in the ten years I've been married, I haven't done Anthony any favors in the pumpkin carving department. Here I was thinking that I could just sit back, relax and hold the baby while Anthony helped the kids with their pumpkins. I had everything ready to go. Big spoons, pumpkin knife, and a cookie sheet (for the guts).

*Time to get started!*

So, what does Anthony do? After cutting the tops out (we always did the bottom so we didn't have to worry about the top falling in), he complains that the pumpkin stinks. It must be rotting! It wasn't, it smelled like.... pumpkin. Silly man! Then he has the kids "reach in and start pulling the guts out."

And they did. I looked at them and said, "What are you doing? Have I taught you nothing about how to carve a pumpkin?"

"I don't know. I guess not. What am I supposed to do?"

Crazy husband of mine! Doesn't everyone know that you scoop the guts out with a spoon? So, after putting the baby down, I gutted them all. Well, most of them anyway. They were all amazed at how easy it was, so much better than trying to grab all the stringy things with your hands.

My family, they're so.... lovable!! I love them all.

The finished products!

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A Bunch of Roaches said...

Why am I not surprised to see a 'U' pumpkin. :)