Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What a DAY!

Oh it started out alright. I was minding my own business, cleaning the basement. Our house is officially on the market now, but honestly, not truly ready to be. It's a disaster! But, I figure I've got five kids. People will just have to understand that I can only do so much.

We are taking the week off from school work to get the house in order. It's getting there, we're all excited. I think we've taken a small thrift store's worth of "stuff" to the DI. Truly, I think we could have opened our own small thrift store. Probably about 4 or 5 truck loads, no joke. Pretty sad! One day, while looking around my house to assess the situation, I thought, why in the world do we have sooooo much crap!! It was scary. It's all been here forever but up until just the other night, I couldn't part with most of it. Something snapped in me! Right now, there are about five boxes of "crap" and other assorted things that won't fit into boxes, to go to the DI. Right now! I want them gone, like yesterday! I need them gone so the kids will stop going through them and asking me why I would get rid of such precious treasures. They've actually been pretty good about it this go-around. I think they've realized that the less crap there is, the more fun they have. It's amazing how that happens, no?

As I said, I was cleaning up and this afternoon, while talking to Anthony on the phone, I slipped on the top stair down to the basement and fell down about 6 or 7 stairs! OUCH! I'm pretty sure my toe was hyperextended (that can happen, right?) and I have a small rugburn on my arm.

Then, my 6-year-old daughter, decided she wanted to act like a teenager. I swear I get glimpses of those years in her. It scares me! I'm not supposed to have teenagers yet. Why must I deal with the attitude at such a young age? Really, 6? Her mouth gets her into trouble quite a bit. She's not cussing, of course, but she loves to yell at Anthony and me as we try to discipline her. That's where most of the trouble comes. According to her, I love all my other kids much better than I love her. She was grounded today so she was unable to play with her friends. It's true that she is grounded far more often than the other girls. She's also the most defiant, head-strong little thing you've ever met, but oh-so-cute! She really is a lovable little thing. With her sisters and friends, she's a bossy little stink. What do I do about that? She doesn't like to give compliments, it's embarrassing. She gives up easily if she's not the best at something (funny thing is, she's one of those kids that is pretty good at anything she tries), and her bossy attitude makes it hard for her to get along in groups. She's great when she's one on one with..... a pushover. Maybe that sounds terrible but it appears to be true. Not quite sure what to do about that kid. Any suggestions?

Needless to say, we battled tonight. After a long talk about love languages, she is doing much better, and so am I. But boy, it was rough getting to that point. Time outs, sent to the bedroom, tears about piano... WHEW! I'm exhausted!!

Today was one of those days that a mom feels like running away. Do you have those days?


Ashley from across the street said...

i can tell you brooke im the same way as her you just need to find the right combo of displine and play and you will do just fine,and all else fails you can ask my mom what she did lol

A Bunch of Roaches said...

It's okay Brooke. We all have the wish we could run away days. Good thing we can't though. Just live for bedtime and hope tomorrows better. :)

Rebecca said...

Yes. Yes, I have.