Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Santa (revised)

I need to apologize for my last letter to you. I hope you read blogs because that's where I am writing to you from. Since I'm a woman, I suppose you expected me to write again and tell you that my list really wasn't only one item long. Either that or I would change my mind completely. You must get that a lot!

But, fear not! I am not changing my last request for a longer November. I neeeeeed more time. But I am definitely adding to my list. Are you ready? (And don't be surprised if I add more later.) Greed is really not the issue here. These are all things I'm in need of. Honest and truly! How could anyone go on without:

  • Microwave-- as you probably know, my old one is no longer functional as a microwave. I'm sure it is useful for other things but being that I am not a pyrotechnic (sp?) I am just not sure how to make the flames that dart across on the inside useful. And it makes really funny noises as these flames are being shot! I'm pretty sure it's not safe. But, it's your call!
  • Can Opener-- We've only had one our entire ten years of marriage and it's not working very well any more. It's not an electric one. And I'm not asking for one that is. Just another simple, hand held can opener will do. Ours has been good to us over the years but I think it's basically dead. It's used all of it's 9 lives (or however many can openers have) and the kids can no longer help us with that part of dinner. It's a sad story! It takes Anthony and I way too long to open one can with the darn thing.
  • Bookshelf-- When you first come through the chimney on Christmas Eve, look to your left and you will see our awesome bookshelf that we bought at IKEA just a couple short months ago. I believe it's called the Billy bookshelf and it's a brown-black color. We love this bookshelf. Billy just needs a friend. Poor Billy's shelves are overflowing and we need a pal to help him out, carry part of the load. If you could just leave his twin for us, that would be GREAT!
  • Laptop-- I know this one is a stretch. I really am grateful for the computer I'm using right now. It's functional but it is sooooooooo slow! The only time I truly enjoy blogging and blog hopping is when I'm on Anthony's laptop. Unfortunately, he uses it for work so I only get to play on it late at night. And besides, he doesn't say it often, but he's not really a fan of my use of it. He's afraid I'm going to get a virus. Sheesh!! Would I do something like that? And he doesn't like me downloading my pictures onto it.
  • Camera-- Another stretch, I know. I love my little point and shoot digital camera, I do! It's a pocket sized one which makes it very convenient for stuffing in the diaper bag and having it handy for unexpected photo opportunities. But, since I'm not a photographer and don't know what I'm doing as far as setting up a picture, I would love a nice big SLR camera, like Kortney's. (It sounds like an oxy-moron, I know) One that I can learn on and most importantly, I can do those cool pictures where the background is blurred and only the subject is in focus. That way, I can LOOK like a photographer. It doesn't matter what's in the background because it will be blurred anyway. VOILA!!
  • Curriculum & Books-- Once I have Billy's twin set up against the wall, I'll need a few more books and some curriculum I've been wanting to get for some time now. Homeschool is so much more fun with lots of material available. Hopefully this one isn't too much of a stretch. Just a little will do.

Santa, I want you to know that this is subject to change, with or without warning. I am a woman. I have a hard time making decisions. You're a busy guy and time is running short (but hey, if you grant me that longer November, you'd buy yourself a little time too), so hop to it, sir!

Thanks for humoring me,


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A Bunch of Roaches said...

Hope you're good so that Santa can help you with your list.