Thursday, November 4, 2010


This is another post from my other blog that is just too good not to be shared.  I admit I am very naive, about almost everything.  Gullible, maybe? 

As embarrasing as this story is, it must be told. So, when Anthony and I were dating, I told him about a dog that my grandma used to have when I was little. Her name was Buffy. She wasn't the smartest of dogs, so I'm told. But a little while after she (the dog) had passed, I asked Grandma what kind of dog Buffy was. My cute grandma smiled at me and said in her most convincing voice that she was a "Buffy Dog". Well, that didn't sound quite right to me so I turned to my mother and asked her to tell me what kind of dog Buffy really was. She smiled and said that she was indeed a "Buffy Dog".

Ok, if two people that I really trust, mind you, tell me it's a "Buffy Dog" then it must be a "Buffy Dog", right?  Why not?  There's a breed called Bull Dog so I let it go.

Over the years, I would repeatedly ask what kind of dog Buffy was and each time the response was the same. And these are people that I should be able to trust. Should I not? Mom, Grandma, aunts, uncles (they were all in on it).

Anyway, I'm telling Anthony about Buffy one day (I was 19) and he just so happened to ask what kind of dog she was. Well, when I told him that she was a "Buffy Dog" he got a really confused look on his face and informed me that he knew her name was Buffy but wanted to know what kind of dog she was. Again, I let him know (and I was very serious) that she was a "Buffy Dog". He smiled his most "I feel sorry for you" smile and informed me that there was no such thing. I smiled my know-it-all grin back at him and politely informed him that there was such a thing and he should ask my grandma.

The very next time we saw Grandma, I reminded Anthony to ask her what kind of dog Buffy was. (That was a mistake). He did. And do you know what she said? "She was a Lhasa Apso!"

WHAT????? Are you kidding me? I was mortified. My face was redder than a red pepper. I told dear old grandma that she had always informed me that Buffy was a "Buffy Dog". She laughed harder than I'd ever seen her laugh (along with everyone else because it was at a family gathering) and she said that she didn't know I had believed her all those years. I guess she thought I'd figured it out. How naive can one be? And for a long time, that was the story she anyone that hadn't yet heard it. What a nerd I am!

I will forever refer to Lhasa Apso's as "Buffy Dogs".


Лхаса Апсо said...

I like Lhasa Apso!

A Bunch of Roaches said...

Funny! Buffy must be a name for doggies cause my mother in law had a dog named Buffy...maybe that one was a Buffy Dog.