Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thief! (or thieves) ?

Our family has been getting dairy products (mostly, among other items) from Winder Farms for the past couple of months. I can't explain to you the great feeling it brings when you run out of milk and cheese on Monday night and NOT have to run to the store for more because you know it'll be there, on your front porch bright and early Tuesday morning. It comes in the form of a Winder Farms delivery truck and the driver plops it right into your Winder Farms cooler (or coolers in my case) so you can wake up and VOILA! There it is. No more running to the store late at night, at least not on Mondays. Sure it's a little pricey but oh so convenient and tastes so much better!

Every Tuesday morning, we wake up to fresh hormone-free milk, eggs, cheese, etc. and have us a nice, big ol' breakfast fit for a king. We have them bring, among the things already mentioned, bacon, orange juice, and apples. Or, as is the case for what should have been waiting for us this morning, chocolate-covered donuts, pizzas (yes they have pizza), breads, salad, and cheese curds. That last item was my husband's idea of a great snack to go along with the Boise State game tonight. Too bad that won't be a reality for today's game.

As it turns out, someone (or more than one someones) decided to swipe our food, coolers and all! Someone out there is enjoying OUR donuts, pizza, milk, etc. Not happy! Grrrrr, I say!! It better have been someone that needed it, although I'm sure it was probably someone that just saw it as an opportunity. BIG MEANIES!

I am sure we were a sight this morning, as we had that exact scenario play out. The last of the milk was drunk (is that right?) by my 9-year-old daughter just before bedtime, but no one cared because we knew there would be more waiting for us when we got up this morning. My husband heard the WF truck at about 2:00 this morning, figured we'd grab it when we got up, rolled over and went back to sleep. Did our two BIG dogs hear anything? Who knows? They're just about as worthless as a couple of warts! They didn't make a peep. And what about when the thieves snuck up to the porch and took the coolers... 2 of them? Nope, nothin'! They're always barking at nothing, and never barking at something. Make sense?

So, this morning as I went to the front door, with a little bounce in my step I might add, and I noticed the coolers missing, my bounce died! And with the kids following behind (we love Tuesdays) we were more than a little disappointed. A couple of the kids, along with my husband, sat on the stair looking out the front door window, with their chins in their hands and their elbows on their laps. The rest of us stood behind them with the same glum looks on our faces and our arms folded in defeat. My 6-year-old looked up at me and said, "Don't they know you have a bunch of kids that are starving?" At this point, this was more true than you know. I won't go into too much detail but let's just say, we're between paychecks right now and can barely get diapers and gas. My kids are soooo sick of spaghetti. Just sayin'.

Lucky for us, WF was more than generous and will bring us two more coolers at no cost and our order that was stolen. Thank you Winder Farms! Now, THAT'S customer service! Take that, thief!

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A Bunch of Roaches said...

Okay...just adding to my comment on the last blog...you have a talent for writing too. :) Sorry about the thief, but that is awesome that they are replacing that for you.