Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby’s Blessing

Our little man received a name and a blessing a couple weeks ago.  January 6th to be exact. 

For those who may be unfamiliar with my faith, we have our babies blessed in order to give them an official name within the church.  They are not only receiving  a Father’s blessing along with having a priesthood ordinance performed, but they are also put upon the records of the church.  It’s really a neat thing. 

The blessing was beautiful, as they all have been.  I never remember anything that was said but I remember the feeling I get every time Anthony is able to perform this ordinance.  It’s a very special event to watch your husband or other priesthood holder walk up to the front of the chapel along with a whole slew of other invited priesthood holders, stand in a circle around your baby with all of their hands supporting the baby, and listen to the words of the blessing and it’s meaning.  One of my favorite things! 

I also love when Anthony gets up to bear his testimony.  He’s done it with each of the kids as they have always been blessed on Fast Sunday.  Always emotional and sentimental.  Love that man! 

My mother-in-law also bore her testimony which was really neat.  She expressed her pride in Anthony and the man that he has become.  She also thanked my parents for the way that they raised me.  Made me feel good.  :) 

It was a great day filled with lots of spirit and lots of food after church.  I had my dad snap a few pics of my family.  Apparently I forgot to remind him that he could zoom out or take a few steps backwards to make sure more of the kids in the front row would show… you know, more than just their shoulders and head.  :/  But whatever.  I had a friend fix one of the pics to make it somewhat usable.  Some of us are cut off in weird places but it works.  I’m just grateful to have pictures at all.  

H looks a little silly in this one.  She had just lost a tooth and was in the middle of laughing at my uncle.

B&W Family  

After everyone left I tried to get a little mini session with Baby in his blessing outfit (my mom made it, she’s so talented!) but he was not cooperating.  So I tried again a few days later but no matter how hard I tried to get him to stay asleep after nursing him, he kept waking up every time I laid him down for a shot.  This was the best one.  We didn’t get any sleepy ones :(.  Hopefully it doesn’t have ‘the alien look’ my friend, Cari, warned me about.  Not sure what that looks like… 

Baby Blessing

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Cari said...

He's so adorable! And no- you didn't get the alien look, he's actually looking right at you- hard to get with newborns!