Monday, January 28, 2013

Tea Party

This past Thursday my girls were unable to attend their Liberty Girls and YASA meetings thanks to a rarity in our weather here in Utah.  An ICE STORM!! 

Only one other time have I ever seen the likes of such a storm.  We were living in South Carolina where it isn’t so uncommon. 

Ice storms are pretty cool to see and look at the effects of but not so much fun to drive in.  There were cars sliding off the roads all over and far too many accidents.  Anthony and I felt it best for myself and the kids to just stay put. 

However, the little girls were so looking forward to the Tea Party they were supposed to have at Liberty Girls.  K was to go sledding for YASA but I can’t imagine it would have been all that pleasant considering the weather conditions.  Besides, I don’t know if I would have trusted someone else driving with my child in their car in those conditions. 

I couldn’t do much about the sledding but we could do our best to have a makeshift tea party.  And so we did… A and H were the hosts, of course. 

Tea Party 1

The American Girl books they are reading this semester (Felicity… my favorite of the American Girls) has them all excited about tea parties, including the famous Boston Tea Party.  H even asked the other day, “Mom, can we have a Boston Tea Party one day?” 

Apparently she is tired of paying taxes to the King and wants to throw tea into the harbor.  Hopefully she’ll understand more about the actual Boston Tea Party as she reads a few more of the books. 

As the hosts, H and A explained to K and I the proper way to act… pinkies up, of course! 

Tea Party 4

I was in constant violation being that my posture was not superb, my elbows were constantly on the table, and I forgot to ask for things to be passed.  Like marshmallows sugar for my hot chocolate tea.  Or the goldfish crackers cookies to go with it.  I also wasn’t dressed up for such an occasion.  RUDE!


Tea Party 2

I did remember to signal when I was done and didn’t wish for any more refills of my tea.  Go me!

Tea Party 5

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