Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Family Mission Statement

And finally it’s done!  It’s something that we (read I) have always wanted for my family.  But my kids were too young, I didn’t know what it should say, I didn’t really know what a mission statement was, I was too lazy trying to ponder what it should say… yadda, yadda, yadda.  There are a thousand reasons that it hasn’t happened until now. 

Family Mission Statement 

Of course I really wanted my kids and Anthony to be a part of the whole process so one night for Family Home Evening we talked about some of the things that we, as a family, stand for and what we value.  That was a long time ago.

Like, beginning of Summer…

And then the list sat.  And sat some more. 

Then came the end of summer and I decided to throw it all together.  I was feeling inspired.  And it came together beautifully!  I showed it to Anthony, asked for feedback, and relished in my inner excitement when he told me it was perfect!  He loved it! 

Then it sat on my computer… and sat some more…

Until last night.  It’s a new year and that means new resolves and one of our family resolves is to have a mission statement!  I finally printed it out, found a frame that my mom gave us a looooong time ago, and stuck it in there.  And it now has a happy little home on my wall.  I don’t love the frame.  It’ll eventually get a makeover. 

It’s so neat to have something to remind us of what we stand for.  Something we believe in. 

We’ve challenged the kids (and ourselves) to memorize it.  I really hope it proves to be something that they will be able to turn to whenever there’s a moral dilemma or something they are facing.  Something that serves as a reminder of who they are. 

I love being a mom!  Anthony loves being a dad.  This world can be so scary and yet, it can be so wonderful.  We talk a lot about our dreams for our family, for our children.  One of our biggest dreams is to have each of our children contribute to the wonderful in this world!  It doesn’t have to be a big wonderful because ‘by small and simple things do great things come to pass’. 

If you don’t have a mission statement for your family yet I highly recommend that you do.  In fact, I challenge you to sit down with your family, figure out what you value as a family and put it down on paper. 

Our mission statement ended up being a little longer than I initially thought but none of us could bring ourselves to eliminate any of it.  Yours can be longer or shorter.  Just make it uniquely yours! 


Cari said...

I love it! What an inspiring idea!

The Quiet Mom said...

Love this idea. How sweet!

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