Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eating Plan Updates

I guess I should really call this a 'diet' but that is a four-letter word to me that I refuse to use.  It's an eating plan!  A lifestyle we are phasing into. 

So, once again, I won't tell you that we cheated several times too many times or that I ate 9, that's right... 9 Oreo's last night.  If I told you that, you might think less of me.  But come on, my in-laws came over for Sunday dinner this week (since we no longer go to my parents' house :( ) and they brought Oreo's.  Then they left them at our house!!  They are one of my few weaknesses (or many)!  I meant to have them take the devilish food with them but then I forgot, which got me thinking... did I subconciously 'forget' to send them home with my in-laws because I really wanted some?  Or was it purely an accident. 

Anything with sugar is a weakness for me, but Oreo's are a HUGE one!  Not double stuf... Too much 'stuf' in those.....unless you're talking about the mint ones.  Those are divine! 

Anyway, since we were perfect again ;) we were able to shed a few more pounds.  Anthony has lost a total of 11 1/2 pounds as of this morning and I've lost a total of 6.  Darn Oreo's! 

And guess what else we've been doing.  You'll never guess.  I've given in and started **GASP** exercising!  I started last Monday and did my Turbo Jam all the way through to Friday.  Took a weekend break and got back on it yesterday. 

I hate every second of it, just being honest, but I know it's a good thing!  You should join me.  Even Anthony got in on the Turbo Jamming action a couple of times.  He's been running every morning but there were a couple of mornings that it was snowing so he opted NOT to run those mornings. 

Don't tell him I said so but he's not very coordinated.  He's sitting in the same room right now as I type, hope doesn't turn around.  Shhhh! 

One of these times I'm going to update and I'll be able to say that we're both at our goal weights and totally RIPPED!  Ok, maybe not the ripped part but at least somewhat toned. 

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