Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Holy.flippin'.cow!  I'm exhausted already and I'm not even the one that's moving.  Remember a while back I mentioned that my parents are moving to Santa Barbara, CA along with my little bro.  Well, my sister has decided to go along with them.  She's seizing the opportunity to live in a $5 million home... something that NONE of us will probably EVER have the opportunity of seeing, let alone LIVE there! 

Does this make me an orphan?  I'm thinking so.  Anyone want to adopt me? 

Actually, I called my aunt and asked her to.  She accepted, although I haven't yet given her the terms.  Hopefully she'll still sign on the dotted line... ;)

So the next time I see the members of my immediate family, should I expect them to snub me?  Maybe they'll walk right by me with their noses in the air, all snooty-like.  Or maybe they'll just snub the food we like.  They'll be into caviar (is that fish eggs?), calamari (or is that the fish eggs?), veal (I know what that is!), and truffles (still a little confused on that... I know what chocolate truffles are, I'm talking about the TRUFFLE truffles). 

Truffles, what a strange word, no?  Say it with me, tru - ffles... TRUFFLES!  Yep, it's still strange! 

Anyway, they might get all sophisticated-like and such.  That is, until they have to move out of the mansion and into a 'real' home.  $5 million!  Pshhhh!  Who wants to live like that anyway?  Right?  **Raises hand**

But where was I?  Ah, yes!  I was about to tell you our exhaustion!  Poor Anthony's been running ragged trying to move things from my sister's apartment to my mom's house, the DI, and our house.  Then running to my parents' house and running a bunch of stuff back to our house.  That's right, we have accumulated some of their stuff.  And I'm not talking about a little bit of stuff.  I'm talking HUGE amounts of stuff!  Huge... MOUNTAINS of stuff!

Since they are moving so far away, they want to take as little as possible.  Besides, the house they are renting is already furnished... or will be as of this week.  So, my mom is sending almost everything to our house that she knows she isn't taking so that we can go through it and either keep it or take it to the DI ourselves.  When she said she would be sending stuff, I wasn't expecting some of it. 

Mom, if you're reading this, I love you!  Don't get me wrong.  I really appreciate it, I do!  I just wasn't expecting such things as nail files, highlighters (many, many, many highlighters), and other such items.  Although, those things will come in handy! 

So, some of it has been stuff I will definitely keep, others I just don't need but I'm sure someone at the DI will, and some replaces things I already have but hers is better.... and now it's mine.

We've accumulated food, paper clips, highlighters, bookshelves, cabinets, art supplies, a sewing machine, a washer/dryer, a refrigerator, a sofa, a chair, Encyclopedia Britannica set (1982), and everything inbetween.  My house is so chaotic right now!  It's a bit overwhelming but we've already taken a HUGE load to the DI.  I'm sure that there are at least a couple more.  When Anthony took that first load (an overflowing trailer), the men that work at the DI were not thrilled to see him drive up for them to unload the trailer.  What can we say?  It's your job, people!  Sorry!  Besides, Anthony helped. 

Too bad it's winter.  Had this all happened in the spring or summer we could have had a killer yard sale.  But I refuse to hold on to all of it until then.  We're feeling a bit clausterphobic (sp?) at the moment.  We'd like to be able to eat at our kitchen table again... SOON!  It's just not possible at the moment.  I would take a picture of the mountain of stuff but I'm too embarrassed.  Instead, I just blog about it for the everyone to read about.  Makes sense, right? 

That just got me thinking, I hope our realtor doesn't call and want to show our house, at least not for the next several days.  I probably just jinxed myself. 

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